Google Drive – Future Pixel phones without unlimited photo storage.


Google confirmed this to the technology magazine The Verge.

According to the magazine, only pixel phones already on the market will benefit from the special cloud control.

The upcoming mobile phones from Google, on the other hand, will behave in exactly the same way as devices from independent manufacturers.

100 GB for 2 euros per month

Google will no longer make storage exceptions for future Pixel phones: while owners of current Pixel models can save 16 megapixel photos to Google’s cloud without limits, images of future Pixel smartphone buyers will be fully credited to the memory unit.

Google will limit free cloud storage for photos in 2021.

This doesn’t apply to Pixel phones already on the market, but not to future models.

I am 12.

On November 12, Google announced a major change to cloud storage: From November 1, 2021, the cloud will be the only storage location for photos.

From June 1, 2021, even photos with less than 16 megapixels will count towards the free storage of a Google account.

Until now, photos in this reduced resolution can be stored there on any Android mobile phone without limitations.

The same goes for videos in FullHD resolution.

Current Google Pixel phones are exempt from the change – for example, if you own a Pixel 4a or Pixel 5, you can save photos with a resolution of up to 16MP, even if the first pixel is gone.

June 2021 can be saved in Google Drive without being counted in the volume of 15 GB.

Why Google isn’t extending this exception to upcoming pixel models isn’t clear from the article on The Verge.

In the future, however, those photos and videos will also count towards the total of 15GB of cloud storage on Google Drive.

This 15GB will also include Gmail content and files that are manually saved to Google Drive.

If storage is exceeded, Google threatens to delete the data, but only after several warnings, the company points out.

If you need more storage, you can add it for a fee.

100 GB cost around 2 euros per month, the corresponding annual subscription is available for 20 euros.


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