Goodbye Germany (Vox): Steff Jerkel’s worst nightmare comes true – his van is dismantled


A fierce sight for “Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel: Thieves cut his family van into small parts and took just about everything with him.

Mallorca – a major blow to “Goodbye Germany” * – emigrant Steff Jerkel (50). When he returns to his car, he is barely recognizable. All parts are missing. The doors, the tires, even the headlights are gone. But the reality star seems to be taking it easy, reports *.

There is almost nothing left of the car of “Goodbye Germany” star Steff Jerkel

“[An der] Street parked. Here’s what comes out of it. Well, it’s your fault, isn’t it? “, Comments Steff Jerkel on the situation on Instagram * and appears very relaxed. The” Goodbye Germany “star * is even hit by the thieves.” So they definitely gave it all. Removed media heater, boxes, head restraints, so that they worked properly I’d say! ”Says the emigrant. But even if the reality star takes it slow, the images are shocking. Anything that is not nailed has been stolen. Only the car body and seats remained, the handbrake was also removed.

The “goodbye Germany” emigrants have to suffer some blows of fate

The stoic composure of the “Goodbye Germany” star * is a bit surprising. Why Steff Jerkel has to do it have suffered severe blows in recent months. The crown crisis alone is a real problem for the emigrant and his wife Peggy (44). Because the couple runs several restaurants in Mallorca. For Steff and Peggy Jerkel, the blockade and lack of tourism mean zero sales. The 44-year-old then advertises various products on Instagram as an influencer to keep the family afloat. After all, the couple have a young daughter who needs to be looked after.

Steff and Peggy Jerkel emigrated to Mallorca in 2007 and opened a Greek restaurant there.

© Instagram / Peggy Jerofke and picture alliance / dpa

And as if that weren’t enough, Steff Jerkel will be too diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. TTP disease can lead to brain hemorrhages, strokes, or heart attacks. But thanks to drugs and blood purification, the health of the “Goodbye Germany” star (these emigrants failed mercilessly *) is improving again.

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