Good news of a pension increase! What is the lowest and highest pension in January?


Last minute increase in retirement salaries! Millions of citizens closely monitor the amount of the pension increase. As is known, inflation figures are the determining factor for the amount of the increase in pensions. So far, 4-month inflation figures have been announced. According to the announced 4-month inflation data, the rate of wage increase is 4.61%. As a result, lower wage estimates also begin to emerge. So how much will the salaries of SSK Bağ-Kur pensioners and civil servants be in 2021? Here is the latest news on the increase in pensions …


The Central Bank’s inflation forecast of 12.1% shows that inflation in the second half of 2020 could reach 6%. According to this estimate, the January increase will increase to 5% with an inflation difference of 2%.


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