Goldman Sachs-Backed Poloniex Crypto Exchange presents 6 new USD (USDC) coin markets

Goldman Sachs-Backed Poloniex Crypto Exchange presents 6 new USD (USDC) coin markets

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex made the decision to add six new trading pairs linked to the USD currency (USDC). This information was released by the company in a blog post on November 16th.

Poloniex, one of the largest and most important virtual currencies in terms of trade volume, has announced that it has introduced six new markets for the USD currency. The decision was taken as part of their commitment to innovate and offer customers new ways to exchange virtual currencies.

The new trading pairs added to the exchange are XRP / USDC, XMR / USDC, STR / USDC, DOGE / USDC, LTC / USDC and ZEC / USDC. Interested users are now able to exchange these pairs from November 16th.

The USD currency is a stablecoin which was introduced in September by Circle, the owner of the cryptocurrency stock exchange Poloniex. Poloniex was acquired by Circle at the start of this year. The USD currency was created by the company in order to improve and improve the market for virtual currencies.

With it, you can transfer funds anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes, in an economical and secure way. The token provides stability to the cryptocurrency market and opens up new possibilities for investors to hedge risks and trade.

In the blog post, Poloniex explains that they became the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer customers the opportunity to exchange two different tokens linked to Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC).

In addition, the platform also introduced the native token of the Bancor network (BNT) and the Decentraland virtual reality platform (MANA). In addition, the exchange has launched a new mobile application for users on iOS and Android to trade with their smartphones.

At the time of writing, Poloniex is the 38th largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trade volume ($ 42.58 million in the last 24 hours). The most important trading pairs on the stock exchange are BCHSV / BTC, BCHABC / BTC and XRP / BTC, which represent 50% of the total trading volume in the platform.

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