Gold-encrypted exchange provides a safe haven for Crypto investors


Try to develop a decentralized and self-regulating community

in global markets there is nothing new, but the community of cryptocurrency
has faced an unprecedented 18-month flow period.

need a completely decentralized, stable, self-regulated system
community-driven exchange that can offer investors confidence in the middle of
the chaotic global economy has never been stronger.

the Gold Standard with the founding principles of Crypto.

a scalable interchange and a decentralized GOLD.IO exchange
the platform is not only self-regulated and guided by its stakeholders, but
asset linked – offering foreign exchange investors an unparalleled portfolio

has always set the market standards and has a traditional benchmark
finance for centuries, so why should the cryptocurrency market be?

Such as
a commodity, has overcome many financial storms and continues to do so
do it today. Apart from a small price volatility, he constantly has
maintained its market value and with an unstable geopolitics,
crypto-economic perspective the precious metal can provide a safe haven
for cryptographic resources.

In short, an exchange linked to gold and an exchange offers not only security of
your assets but a piece of mind – the world has passed
more difficult times than we face today, but gold has always survived the

– Provide protection of the defensive assets for your investments.

a team of over 30 experienced developers, GOLD.IO has simply put to
sister chain of the EOS project that has the mission to create a
Decentralized exchange (DEX) of interchangeable fluid communications
which not only eliminates the persistent influences of the market but has the
unique advantage of being supported by a commodity asset class.

the proven power of gold and a growing community that is not
only self-regulated but also driven by the interested parties – also GOLD.IO
trying to develop a fully decentralized Autonomous Community
(DAC) based on the founding principles of blockchain. The DAC
it will serve as a regulatory oversight of the exchange with everyone
stakeholders with voting rights, a word on the project
development and, more importantly, the ability to define their profits.

Supported Tokenomics offers commercial efficiency and high liquidity.

global volatility of stocks at best and a downward trajectory to the worst –
according to Goldman Sachs the markets are taken by a fear
what could come in the next year, an exchange linked to gold, with
inherently high liquidity can partially mitigate the investor's risk.

no independent or fair exchange yet to provide what GOLD.IO can, the
the advantages of the platform as a market leader are clear but real
the magic arrives with the blockchain system EOISO itself – eliminates
Third party manipulation and offers a unique architecture to guarantee
users remain custodians of their gold.

The power of GOLD

the Gold Renaissance today!

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