GoChain (GO) wins the month, to be added to Binance


The 9th edition th of the Binance Community Coin of the month competition is over and the winner is none other than GoChain. The goal of the competition is to give the possibility to list new cryptos on the Binance platform. The winner must be added to the platform for free. Well, this time, GoChain is raising the cup and now adds to the list of other winners to add to the exchange. Binance is one of the largest and most popular encrypted exchange platforms in the world.

GoChain won Hands-Down

In addition to GoChain, the team is happy to have had the opportunity to participate in the competition. In fact, they had applied repeatedly without success. With the listing, GoChain is ready to reap the benefits of being available on a world-class trading platform, and this will certainly contribute greatly to its easy availability, acceptance and popularity in the encrypted market. However, Binance has yet to announce when the list of new cryptos will actually take place, but there is a general consensus that it could happen in the coming months.

Crypto exchanges normally require a commission to add new digital resources (cryptocurrencies) on their platforms. In the case of the free option, Binance appointed GoChain (GO) to participate in the competition along with others that included Cortex (CTXC), Byteball (GBYTE), MediBloc (MEDX) and Everipedia. From the cast of votes, GoChain won 46%, Everipedia 23%, Cortex 14%, Byteball the 8.8% and MediBloc the last with 6%

Some people lost too much

The participants paid their votes for a value of 0.1 BNB per vote, and with a total number of votes cast equal to 3,917, around 391.7 BNB coins were collected. Binance added 1,500 BNB to that, bringing the total to 18,917 coins. The amount was locked in a Lucky Draw Pool and shared among the 500 winners during a live-stream session.

GoChain boasts a relatively scalable system with greater throughput than Ethereum – although it is based on the Ethereum blockchain system. In addition to speed and scalability, GoCahin also focuses on providing cryptographic transaction services platforms at a very low cost.

On the bright side, GoChain received even better news as well as winning the Binance competition. The future of the crypt seems to be brighter in Asia, as has also been added on UpBit. UpBit is the largest encryption platform in South Korea.

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