GoChain (GO): That's why this Altcoin could $ GO All The Way



The need for a faster, friendlier and more decentralized blockchain has brought investors to a variety of trades this year, looking for vital returns. And while most of the internet chatter on our favorite media sites continues to focus on the noisiest space competitors (such as Tron (TRX) and EOS (EOS) as examples) an exciting alternative crypto-alternative could be passed beyond the radar. GoChain (GO) is now getting the attention it deserves how this little-known altcoin constantly leads the market into daily gains.

Announced in February of this year (2018), this concept of blockchain, developed to rival Ethereum, has rapidly spread to a series of exchanges (including Binance, where much of the trade of this altcoin is made). Dall & # 39; ads, a continuous assault of positive news and market gains has enthused the sector while its competitors are stagnating in the current stasis of the market we have all lived.

So, what exactly is GoChain (GO)?

GoChain (GO), whose mainnet was successfully launched at the start of this year, is considered an energy-efficient alternative to Ethereum. It is an intelligent contracting platform for dApps with the promise of faster transactions (much faster) and increasing decentralization. According to their website, GoChain (GO) can provide 1300 transactions per second (compared to Ethereums 13) and can do so with greater decentralization, thanks to a global network of nodes managed by independent users of the platform.

While these points of discussion may seem similar to the rhetoric commonly propagandized by the best known competitors of the "Ethereum killer" space, GoChain (GO) has a number of features to which investors have started paying more attention.

GoChain (GO) is ranked 131 on coinmarketcap.com and boasts a market capitalization of just under 40 million US dollars. With a daily volume of over $ 2.6 million, there seems to be plenty of room to grow. The price point of this new crypt is still extraordinarily attractive, which is around US $ 0.06, despite the 1.02 billion coins that make up the total offer. In a market surrounded by unicorn ratings (companies with a market capitalization of more than US $ 1 billion), it is a concerted effort by experienced investors to place their fiat in smaller companies, such as GoChain (GO ), which still have potential for expansion.

But what recent developments have excited the GoChain (GO) market?

October was a busy month for GoChain (GO) as the company exerted its strengths during the annual SanFrancisco Blockchain Week conference. Immediately after the successful conclusion of the conference, the company has capitalized its PR blitz with the announcement of the first decentralized exchange, GODDEX, to be built on the GoChain platform.

GoChain (GO) also started in November with a bang, as the company announces a new partnership with LINKCHAIN, a secure supply chain supply solution. LINKCHAIN ​​will build its platform on $ GO, launching the first GoChain (STO) security token offering.

GoChain will provide marketing and fundraising support to LINKCHAIN ​​while assisting in the development of this blockchain-based supply chain solution.

With its momentum and steady performance track record supporting the team, GoChain (GO) is ready to bring its platform to the next level. And with the current news of their new partnership, investors will probably try to exploit the current price before this thing explodes in a brand new upward rush. And while we watch Gochain (GO) achieve substantial gains in the short term, we should ask ourselves all to what extent this altcoin could $ GO.

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