Global health: We expect Pfizer vaccine to be used effectively as soon as possible in the next year


Dr Rana Al-Hajjah, program director at the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, said the Pfizer vaccine is a new glimmer of hope and the beginning of the end for the Corona virus, which is spreading in around the world, and added during the News Today program, broadcast on Channel onePhase, which involves the actual use of the Pfizer vaccine as soon as possible during the next year, 2021, in the healthcare sectors, and we are planning with countries how to distribute vaccines based on the countries most exposed to infections.

And the director of programs of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean continued: We are continuing with the experiments and we have not failed to produce vaccines. There are 11 countries that are able to guarantee faxes and vaccines, and the goal is to speed up fax production.


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