“Germany’s next supermodel” (ProSieben): candidate reports after gender change – first photo


Lucy Hellenbrecht war Kandidatin bei “Germany’s next Topmodel” 2020

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Lucy Hellenbrecht became known thanks to the “next German supermodel”. His story is admirable because the 21-year-old was born a boy.

  • Lucy Hellenbrecht became famous during the fifteenth season of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.
  • The 21-year-old underwent a sex reassignment surgery on November 9.
  • From the hospital, he reports to his fans and provides an update.

Monaco – November 9 will be for the first “Germany’s next Topmodel“- Candidate Lucy Hellenbrecht will be a day of relief and a new chapter in life. The 21-year-old underwent a sex change on Monday because Lucy was born as Luca – she never felt comfortable in her own body. Lucy has grown into a strong and confident young woman, but one last step was still missing. Before the proceedings, the model told her fans: “The operation is still closed 40 minutes far. I’d say it’s too late to process the whole thing anyway, so I’ll save her, “the 21-year-old cites the media. But how’s the 21-year-old after the operation?

GNTN candidate after surgery: Lucy reports from the hospital

The operation went well – reports Lucy Instagram story to his fans: “I had it all. From extremely severe back pain to complete exhaustion I didn’t even have the strength to pick up my cell phone, “reports the 21-year-old. Hospital bed. But he’s fine, he’s in a good mood. To answer questions from her fans and around 31,000 followers, Lucy created one shortly after in her Instagram story. Question box one. So she could get step-by-step answers around her Gender reassignment give.

The operation worked five hours Lasted, until now he has “only” pain in his back. A few tears of joy fell on the blonde in the evening: “The rest of the day I slept and in the evening I had enough strength to answer the phone and everyone news answer and read all your Dms. At this point, simply a thousand thanks for all your messages. Yesterday I had to howl for joy because so many people cheered and wished me the best. So thank you. ”Lucy posts these words under her Instagram photo.

Next fellow German supermodel Sarah reports in the comments

What happens now? The 21-year-old will likely have to spend a few more days in the hospital. Such an operation is not to be taken lightly, but Lucy is radiant, she looks happy. He took a big step and showed courage, for which they celebrate their fans. There is also a comment among the wishes for recovery Sarah Posch, finished second in the final “The next German supermodel”: “Oomg, I’m so happy for you!” comments. With so much positive news and support, Lucy can be happy in one new stage of life Start.

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