Gentle transport of the Covid vaccine: Lufthansa and Swiss required


It is 400 kilometers by car or 50 minutes by plane from Zurich to Frankfurt am Main. The main German airport is the headquarters of the Swiss parent company Lufthansa and the largest European transshipment point for highly sensitive pharmaceuticals that need to be specially cooled. This also includes potential coronavirus vaccines.

Lufthansa uses 8,800 of the airport’s 13,500 square meters of cooling space. Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr (53) is banking on a “large and highly profitable business” for its subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo. “As sad as it is, this crisis and the need for vaccinations, this is going to be a bigger business,” he said recently. Lufthansa and its subsidiary Swiss Worldcargo are among the few airlines in the world to offer seamless refrigerated transport.

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