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Genesis Vision builds the future of asset management with blockchain

Lack of trust is one of the main problems that the traditional asset management system is currently facing. Investors have virtually no control over where their funds go, and often do not guarantee that they will receive profits or even recover the initial deposit. "Faced with the lack of transparency and inefficiency of the system, fewer owners of new capital are willing to enter the market.

Genesis Vision, the first blockchain-based platform for private trust management, has been designed as a modern and efficient system with transparency at the center. The project idea appeared during one of the Hackathons in 2017. Since then, he has gone through a successful ICO until the recent launch of GV Funds.

Genesis Vision combines exchanges, brokers, traders and investors into an open and honest network for mutual benefit, restoring power and control to investors. The platform offers:

  • an opportunnegotiate in different markets
  • a wide selection of goods available
  • practical tools to determine the risks and choose the optimal strategy
  • full transparency of market activity
  • easy access to the market for unaccredited investors

Genesis Vision helps inexperienced investors to manage their resources effectively, providing the most experienced tools and convenient ways to diversify their portfolio. GV investors choose qualified asset managers to negotiate for them on partner broker servers. Before making a choice, they can double check the integrity of the managers and view the complete list of the programs created by them, as well as their trading history.

Much has been said about the importance of portfolio diversification. In a diversified portfolio, capital is distributed across many assets, thus minimizing overall risks. Genesis Vision managers trade both conventional and cryptographic resources, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, legal instruments, oil, securities, metals and many others. As for the available currencies, at the moment the platform works with GVT, BTC and ETH.

Transparency is achieved by using distributed ledger technology. Every action and transaction is stored forever in the blockchain, which makes the anti-fraud system secure.

Genesis Vision users access the platform via the web interface; There is also a 'mobile app investor for Android and IOS. The platform has two modules: for managers and for investors.

Mobile version of the platform

Genesis Vision offers managers the opportunity to monetize their skills without further marketing: professionals are classified according to performance, so their skills speak for themselves. With many tools available, they create investment programs and GV funds to help investors get profits and really diversify their portfolio.

Statistics and the chart of an investment program

GV investors choose the manager who best fits their goals. Genesis Vision offers a myriad of tools to measure risks and make the best investment choice. For example, Sharpe's relationship indicates how much excess return you receive for having a more risky asset. Sortino report: if smart investments or excessive risks are the cause of the manager's success. And the Calmar report measures the performance of an investment program in relation to its risk.

To use the features offered by the platform, users need GVT tokens. GVT is the universal currency for both investments and for the distribution of profits. At the time of writing this article, 1 GVT is trading at 7.12 USD.

The minimum deposit is 1 GVT. Entering the system is easy: both investors and managers can try to trade on the platform immediately after registration. However, to start attracting or investing substantial amounts, both will have to undergo a KYC procedure.

Genesis Vision offers two forms of investment: investment programs and GV funds. Starting an investment program, the manager chooses the currency and the duration of the reference period. After the investment request, the GVT tokens are withdrawn from the investor's balance and converted into the currency of the program. At the end of the reporting period, all trades are automatically closed and the profit is converted back into GVT.

List of investment programs

Investors can not deposit or withdraw funds during the reference period. If the reinvestment trigger is active, the profit is automatically reinvested in the same program. The GV investment programs have a registration fee and a successful commission [charged from the profit], also set by the manager.

Information on a program, including commissions

GV funds are portfolios of different assets assembled by a GV manager. The manager chooses the resources and decides on the total weight of each one. Deposits and withdrawals are not associated with reporting periods: the investor can enter or exit a fund at any time. Currently only cryptographic resources are available, the rest will be added later. There are also two fees – a registration fee and the exit fee.

GV funds

Although Genesis Vision benefits from the platform commission [0.5% from every investment] only, the team decided not to upload it until January 2019. It will give them time to test the platform and ensure that it provides the best experience to its customers.

In the near future, Genesis Vision plans to further improve and develop the platform, add new features and form new partnerships.

For more information about the project, consult the official website.

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