Gemini horoscope – Monday 16 November 2020 | Gemini Horoscopes


It is possible that the Moon has good governance so that no one gets the best of your path. Use the best you can for friends from years ago so that you have someone you trust, the opportunity to vent what you don’t need.

If asked what you do to make everything feel better for you, don’t doubt at any time that you would have the answers at your fingertips. Especially since Sagittarius would be putting the best of their regency, making you fill with courage and strength to stand up to criticism.

Forecast for the day: you could have left everything in the hands of those you thought less. But you don’t have to feel like you’re making bad decisions about it. It is a good time to have the trine dominance between the Sun and Neptune, which looks like a harmonious and promising aspect.

Sagittarius would be in regency, therefore, you could take the best out of his strength and passion, because that’s probably how you find a good stay in sex, surely you would have a partner with whom to unfold your passions. Let everything settle down properly so that you feel reciprocated.


Apply to restore your health, you have many important things at hand to defend. So you have it all in your favor, understanding that you would be very close to achieving balance and health at the same time.

Avoid consuming grapes, mangoes, or highly sugary fruits. Despite being natural, they’re not that healthy all of a sudden. Especially if you consume them at night.

Number four would be present on this day, so you have to be much wiser than before. You would have everything recovered for yourself, especially financially, by making a good decision. Don’t let anyone make you feel less, just because you’re going through a complicated process.

Today better than ever you would take control of your finances. Put a handful of rice in a tiny sack, put it on top of a door frame and it would be a money magnet.

Your job is very important, so consider yourself one of the best moments of your life, you would definitely be in privilege and the opposite.

Relax, good news will come soon, especially on a day like this where the Moon is growing and at least for you.


Torque forecast for today Monday
If you are in couple: You’ll be much better off with your partner after weird days.
If you are single: have a good day to receive love, do not fear it.
Sexual energy level: Moderate.

Love: Libra or air signs.
Friendship: Leo or fire signs.
Hard and tiring work: Cancer or water signs.

Tolerance level: Moderate.
Who you might get in tension with: you’d be better off, away from a Taurus.


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