Gemini horoscope – Friday 6 November 2020 | Gemini Horoscopes


You would contemplate the lunar energy, much more than before because you are likely to have everything at your disposal to feel good energy. Perhaps his waning energy would have moved the energy much better than before.

In this sense, you would learn to receive what you deserve in the best sense of the word, because you suddenly put your value aside.

It could be a legendary day for some kind of wellness action you could take towards others. You have Cancer in the regency by evidence with the fluidity of the water that portends that you have the right words in your mouth to undertake a very important negotiation.

Don’t stray from the things you like, as there would be the key to making everything suddenly turn in your favor.

Forecast for the day: There is an opposition between Mars and Venus, which perhaps fills you with uncertainty at any moment, reinforce your thoughts and be consistent with what you do and say to get better results today.

There would be situations that only you could understand and that perhaps others have no idea what you have been through, so it is extremely important that you keep your emotions current. Cancer as a dominant sign would help things start flowing better for you, with self-love no doubt.

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You may feel much better, because now the advice of the day is based on the consumption of foods combined with omega 3, take chia if possible so that you can hydrate and drink it in a glass of water. Your digestion could certainly thank you.

Good luck and luck, bring the number three of the day with you, so you would be excited because a person would approach in the best way by offering you an economic opportunity that you could hardly refuse.

For this you are in a good time by exercising the following tip. Take the river stones and put them in a fountain with some coins as a wish fountain. You may have the money much sooner than before.

The important thing about your job is that you love it without a doubt, you are going to do it regardless of the health restrictions because you give everything to solve the problems that others have not been able to do. Let it be clear that the opposition between Mars and Venus would certainly not prevent it from being a fruitful day.

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Torque forecast for today Friday
If you are in couple: Communication would be key to making a plan with your partner.
If you are single: if you love someone, tell them without fear.
Sexual energy level: High.

Love: Libra or air signs.
Friendship: Cancer or water signs.
Hard and tiring work: Signs of Leo or fire.

Tolerance level: Moderate.
Who you might get in tension with: you’d be better off away from a Sagittarius.


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