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GDS, founded by Andrei Plesu and Gabriel Liiceanu, together with a Soviet and a Hungarian agent (II)

"Security Intelligence", the common denominator of many GDS founders. Random or determination? Of course, determination! It was the surest way in which the "civic right" was under control from the head. An independent right would have been a great danger, because it could not be blackmailed, it had no way to play after the song.

Informants and security agents

One of the first founding members of the GDS deconspension, which is no longer mentioned today and which is no longer mentioned on the GDS website, in the dedicated section is Dan Oprescu. He was forced to withdraw from the GDS only after he proved himself a founder in 2002 – after 12 years of teaching on morality in politics and civil society. The disclosure did not prevent him from being a senior advisor to the government of Nastasia – a "red criminal plague" – at the National Agency for Roma.

Another selected founder, Călin Anastasiu, a former founding member of GDS, a friend of Alin Teodorescu's friend and former member of the Civic Alliance, remained silent until he was discovered by a request to the CNSAS. In fact, Anastasiu was the one with whom Alin Teodorescu founded his first public opinion survey company, IMAS. Anastasiu was used as the source of the Securitate between 1988 and 1989, with the consent of the PCR, and had the codename "Anghel", as officially revealed by the CNSAS in 2010.

Mihnea Berindei, son of Dan Berindei and the GDS connection with the European neo-komintern, was taken over by the Securitate in 1968 and he had two codenames: "Sandu" and "Mircea", he showed the CNSAS. A well-known French specialist in recent history, Catherine Durandin, and at the same time an expert from the French Ministry of Defense, reinforced this note, without hesitation stating that she was informed by the French special services that Mihnea Berindei was sent to France by the Securitate Quell & Agent of it.

Sorin Antohi, another clamorous case, aka "Valentin", was not only an informant, but also a doctor at the Soros University in Budapest and a member of the Tismaneanu Commission. A foreign minister wanted to nominate him president of the Gojdu clan foundation, which handed over to the official Hungary all the inheritance of the great patron Emanoil Gojdu. It was not. Andrei Corbea-Hoisie, a former GDS member and then ambassador to Vienna, launched his friend, dissident Dan Petrescu from Iasi.

The GDS also included two prelates (the only ones) who were watching: Iustin Marchiş, founder of Cozia, and Nicolae Corneanu, a member of the Tismaneanu Commission and founder for over 40 years, one of the most prolific informants of the Securitate, surpassed only by Dan Amedeo Lazarescu or Mircea Ionescu Quintus.

Another founding member of GDS, Smaranda Enache, founder of the Lega Pro-Europa in Târgu Mureş, was also informing both the Securitate activist and the PCR.

PHOTOGRAPHY EXPLANATION: "Dilema" magazine has been financed for years by the Romanian Cultural Foundation, whose owner was Ion Iliescu

Rector of the University, Mircea Dumitru, another "soda"!

Speaking now, Mircea Dumitru, a member of the GDS, has been silent for 27 years in her relationship with the Securitate. The former minister of colonic education, a correspondent member of the Romanian Academy, in addition to the fact that he translated from German did not know when he was employed by Liiceanu at Humanitas, "was recruited by the Securitate for informational purposes for students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest and signed on 23.10.1980 a commitment, Holograf, is given the name conspirator Negulescu ", as certified by CNSAS only in 2017 and revealed Evenimentul Zilei. He had previously lied about the fact that he had never collaborated with the Securitate. However, at the time, the former founder is a good-bye, rector of the University of Bucharest, where he gives older people to his group mates like Vladimir Tismaneanu, co-author of a political dictionary with Virgil Măgureanu – in the old regime – and then a volume of cameratean dialogues with Ion Iliescu.

Vorasii Pleşu and Liiceanu

Of the couple Andrei Plesu and Gabriel Liiceanu, founding members of the GDS and the most ardent profiteers of all regimes, it is difficult to add anything beyond the gifts that have been made to one another outside the wealth of the state, from the political publishing house. Perhaps, instead, compared to Ioan Aurel Pop, the "collaborator of the Securitate" on the external line, for the "supervision of the diaspora" in … Varna, it should be remembered that during the period of the hateful communist regime were not only the trial grants beneficiaries in Heidelberg (Federal Republic of Germany) when others could not receive a passport for Ruse, but did dozens of visits to the West, also celebrating New Year's Eve in Paris on several occasions with their families (wife or child) and sometimes travel with personal property cars. Not the bad Securitate says it, but now it is incinerated with national honors Monica Lovinescu. The trials abound in his journals! Too bad that the wife of A. Pleşu, Catrinel Pleşu, former director of the ICR, was also informative and referendum of the DIE.

Patapievici, a liar!

Another known member of the GDS is Horia Roman Patapievici. Emotionally, Monica Lovinescu, after the first meeting with her, would write in her diary: "We discover a young man (35 years old and seems to be about ten less) simple, moving and excited, almost pathetic, talking to his father out of jail and without knowing anything about what happened there. He carries a bottle of Murfatlar to drink together in memory of this dead father without telling his son the suffering he suffered ". Years later, the CNSAS files that could not be extinguished revealed it Dionysie Patapievici did not die, poor, without telling him the drama that lived in the prisons of the communist regime, but in reality it was a communist stamp, a former translator of the Red Army in Vienna, and a very interesting agent of the NKVD, The National Bank of Romania, where Patapievici's wife is now a councilor.

A former GDS member, Mircea Dinescu, in addition to his status as a dissident and son-in-law of Soviet citizens, graduated from the Academy of Sciences Stefan Gheorghiu and Secretary of the USC of the USR with army of the Securitate. In 1988, he spent a guided tour of the USSR.

The three, Plesu, Patapievici and Dinescu also occupied positions in the CNSAS College, neglecting philosophy, culture and poetry in favor of secret documents that they could or could not find and give.

The heirs of Leonte Rautu

Other members of the GDS pot could be Anca Oroveanu, daughter of Leonte Rautu, the ideological leader of the Romanian Communist Party and Natalia Răutu, the closest friend of Elena Ceausescu or Andrei Oişteanu, the son of Bella Iosovici and Mihail Oigenstein, emigrated to the USSR in 1954 with his family, which was placed by the uncle of the GDS member Leonte Rautu on the Washington road in the Dorobanti district. His brother, Valery, was born in Karaganda, the famous Romanian camp deported to RSS Kazakhstan, where his father is on a mission of propagandist and Bolshevik agent right in the detention camps and he is in Bucharest.

Mariana Celac, sister of the FSN Prime Minister, Sergiu Celac, former Ceausescu translator and now coordinator of FUMN, is the daughter of the first communist prefect of the Soviet Union in Romania, in Craiova, originally from Gagauzia, then responsible in the State Committee of Planning. Unfortunately, for the "moral forum" of "civil society", which is the GDS, he was also the owner of a file from the Network Security Fund, which shows that he was recruited on 01.11. 1984, to complete the "F" Service Information Network. I do not know what it means, but I know that until the date of its disappearance from the CNSAS, in 2010, the same campaign of Clear Voices was quiet.

Another group member from GDS to PSD is Sorin Ilieşiu; operator and ex-propagandist of the PCR together with Lucia Hossu Longin at the "Song of Romania" Festival.

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