Game Startup Blockchain artist Bitcoin Puzzle valued at $ 13 million


One of the best known artists of the bitcoin community is preparing to launch a blockchain video game aimed at the mainstream public.

Unveiled exclusively for CoinDesk, Marguerite deCourcelle's Blockance Games Inc. startup raised $ 833,000 seed equity around the first week of November from investors such as BlockTower Capital Partners and Horizon Digital, to focus on its flagship game, "Neon District" .

With the re-launch, Blockade Games has raised a valuation of $ 13 million.

Ari Paul, managing partner of BlockTower Capital, told CoinDesk that deCourcelle's long-standing reputation attracted him for the first time.

DeCourcelle is known for fine art puzzles that reveal public and private keys – alphanumeric strings that act as passwords for cryptographic resources – at bitcoin speakers for a total of over $ 1 million. But besides all this, the team includes artists who have worked on games like Spiderman for PlayStation 4 and the World of Warcraft collectible card game,

"There are huge economic incentives for game developers to integrate the cryptocurrency and for gambling players who want to do it," Paul said, adding that the new cryptographic assets called non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, can also reinforce the effects network between the gaming communities.

"I think we will see a quick move towards this because we will see that the economic aspects are so useful in a simple way," he added.

Crypt awards?

Although deCourcelle did not commit to hiding cryptocurrencies during the new game, he said, it could very well include some of his characteristic puzzles with the bitcoin prizes donated by the Pineapple Fund.

And with an advisor like the creator of "Age of Rust", Chris Loverme, who made one of the first games in the world with bitcoin awards, winning the original cryptocurrency seems increasingly likely in the new game.

According to deCourcelle, Loverme is helping to create bridges between outdoor games and the Neon District, a cypherpunk role-playing game, which will be launched publicly in May 2019.

"For example, you might have an end-of-the-game experience in the Neon District as a 2D game, so wake up in an Age of Rust storyline with your heritage, and they can retain some of the qualities that they had over that journey," called deCourcelle CoinDesk.

She continued:

"We are really focusing on the usefulness of these game resources, so you have your core [storyline] loops, and so we have already designed more side loops that compliment and provide feedback in the larger ecosystem of the main game. "

Design is also an important part of the game – the concept made popular by the collectable virtual pets Crypto Kitties advances allowing blockchain-based characters to accumulate scars, abilities, weapons and other unique distinctions while enhancing team-based plot and gameplay .

In addition to the characters, the game will include puzzles that reveal NFT rewards as tools or weapons.

"Creative explosion"

So far, there are already 8,000 people registered in the Blockade Games mailing list.

Although many of these people are perhaps cryptic enthusiasts, the game is designed in such a way that even those unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency can play and get their first experience with Crypto.

"Let's say I'm playing, and I do not even know that it's related to cryptography, and I earn some item or prize," Paul told CoinDesk. "I am informed by a small drop down menu that I do not have to do anything, but if I want, I can claim ownership of this object outside of the game or I can transfer it to another game."

Since the use of ethereum resources beyond the game will be optional, deCourcelle's team is doing extensive research this winter through a holiday-themed mobile game called "Buidl Bear". This digital version of Build-A-Bear workshops where people design their own have been launched embalmed animals to better understand how players handle keys and interact with smart contracts.

Speaking to the artistic potential that such blockchain-based gaming assets could open to developers, deCourcelle said:

"I think there will be a great creative explosion in this area, so we are building this community that is very supportive."

Image courtesy of Blockade Games

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