FTC, Germany DH "To take over Baemin, sell him Yogiyo" / JTBC 뉴스 룸 – JTBC News


  1. FTC to DH Germany, “To acquire Baemin, sell yogiyo” / JTBC NewsroomJTBC News
  2. FTC “To Take Over Baemin, Sell Yogiyo” … Conditional ApprovalZD Net Korea
  3. “If you want to take over Baemin, sell it Yogiyo” Why unusual conditions? / SBSSBS news
  4. DH “Sent the review report of the” Yogiyo Sale, Conditional Acceptance Approval “by the Korea Fair Trade Commission”Hankyoreh
  5. FTC “If you want to buy Baemin, sell it.” DH “Never agree”Blotter
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