From zero to $ 100k – What do the experts think?


Ethereum is the number 2 cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization and offers a strong contrast to the front-runner Bitcoin. Unlike the original – and even superior – cryptocurrency, Ethereum offers more than just a means of payment or a deposit of value. Some of Ethereum's most rabid supporters present him as nothing less than the Internet's future. The purchase of Ethereum today, they say, is tantamount to recovering some shares of Apple when it was practically finished in a garage.

Ethereum is a platform currency in the heart. It allows other coins and decentralized applications, or dApp, to be built on the backbone it provides. At the same time, it is a very liquid and often exchanged currency. Ethereum enjoys more trade pairings than any other currency, but Bitcoin, and since it surpassed nearly $ 1400 in the same December period when Bitcoin peaked at over $ 20,000, is seen as a deposit of value. Since then, Ethereum has fallen from its all-time high, and it is not clear when – or if – the coin will reach those high heights again.

Prediction of the prices of Ethereum

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However, this did not prevent market observers from speculating. Because Ethereum plays a fundamentally different role on the market than Bitcoin, it is difficult to set its exact future price. After all, how can one evaluate a fundamental element of the new Internet? Ethereum also no longer has headline time in mainstream press, so its predictions of its value are less likely than Bitcoin for the publication of Forbes or the Wall Street Journal.

At the same time, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like any other, and is subject to the vagaries of the market for now. We will take a quick look at some of the most important Ethereum pricing forecasts for the end of the year 2018 and beyond. We will also try to understand what the potential of Ethereum could be if it were to satisfy its supporters' dreams of becoming the next big virtual thing.

As usual, the quotations and forecasts of the ETH prices are listed in order from lowest to highest. Deadlines have been included where possible, although many Ethereum supporters like to keep their projections vague. After all, it is almost impossible to determine when the next big dApp will be written.

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Matthew De Silva: close to zero

"Yet, Buterin was the one who helped launch a network of tokens that admitted that they are inherently worthless, at least for now, because they did not wait to come up with a platform with a fair distribution model and a case of Proven use, in addition to speculation? … We are almost one year away from Buterin underlining the need to "differentiate between obtaining hundreds of billions of dollars of digital paper going around and achieving something meaningful for society. "It is hard to see how his invention made the difference beyond inflating the crypt.The non-state virtual currency is interesting, but was not Ethereum something bigger?" – Matthew De Silva.

Matthew De Silva

The cryptocurrency journalist has silenced his criticism both at Ethereum and its creator, Vitalik Buterin, in September, after prices have crashed to $ 179. The argument of De Silva seems to be that Ethereum is reaching its natural state, which is close to zero. Buterin almost immediately responded on Twitter to the criticisms of De Silva, saying: "The reason is that to date the abstraction is not even implemented in Ethereum.There are clear advantages in terms of efficiency in using the ; ETH as a means to pay for gas: it is already cooked in the protocol, the cost of zero gas to pay for gas (therefore no "tax"), the network protocol supports it … It is not right to rely on hypothetical future features to argue against something, and not to admit * planned future characteristics * as arguments in its favor. "

Aayush Jindal: $ 515 +

"The current technical structure will remain negative as long as the price will be less than $ 515, but a 2-hour closure above this level could perhaps reduce the current bearish pressure and open the door to a new wave. On the other hand, the recent minimum of $ 477.31 can serve as a decent support, the next purchase zone is around $ 450. Overall, Ether could consolidate in the short term, but will remain at risk of further losses until a break. above $ 515 ". – Aayush Jindal

Aayush Jindal

The ETH analyst said in March that Ethereum is weak as long as it stays below $ 515. Once it crosses that level, however, its rise will probably be sudden and strong. It is worth noting that the price of Ethereum has since lapsed from the original position of Jindal, although its trend reversal expectation at the value of $ 515 remains valid.

Joseph Raczynski: $ 1000

"They are one of the most real projects to date, and almost all large organizations are testing this platform." -Joseph Raczynski

Joseph Raczynski

The founder of stated in an interview with that it is possible for Ethereum to reach $ 1,000 by the end of the year. Considering its price point at the end of last year, this makes Raczynski one of the most conservative forecasts of Ethereum.

Clem Chambers: $ 1400

"The past does not predict the future bla bla bla …. But you would be a fool not to look at Etereum and Litecoin to start the rally as a potential signal for the fund of the cryptoral market that we are waiting for and last year gave a lot of advanced warnings, so I'll probably do it again after Bitcoin. Dead's titles are hit by the mainstream press. "- Clem Chambers

Clem rooms

Writing on Forbes, the CEO of the ADVFN investment website predicted that the prices of Ethereum will increase towards the end of 2018 just as they did at the end of 2017, albeit with a higher ceiling. Last year, Ethereum pushed around the $ 1400 mark. If Chambers is correct, Ethereum is expected to surpass it by December 2018.

Nigel Green: $ 2500

"The price of Ethereum is expected to increase significantly this year and could reach $ 2,500 by the end of 2018 with a further increase by 2019 and 2020 … This overall recovery will be fueled by three main drivers. more and more platforms use Ethereum as a means of negotiation, and secondly, the increase in the use of smart contracts by Ethereum, and thirdly, the decentralization of cloud computing. "-Nigel Green

Nigel Green

The CEO of the DeVer group gave MarketWatch a number and a timeline for its realization – $ 2,500 by the end of 2018. While Ethereum holds only a tenth of that price in October, dramatic increases are not impossible in the cryptosphere . In fact, wild volatility is one of the main identifiers of the cryptocurrency market so far, and therefore Green's prediction may be closer to the market than it appears at first.

Steven Nerayoff: $ 3000

"What you are seeing with Ethereum is the exponential increase in the number of projects – there are billions of dollars being poured into the ecosystem right now – maybe 10 times more projects this year than the number of projects. last year, which could easily lead to a doubling, probably a triple in price by the end of the year. "- Steven Nerayoff

Steven Nerayoff

The co-creator of Ethereum told CNBC that it expects the currency to succeed in 2018 based almost entirely on the development capital that is pushed into the Ethereum ecosystem. In the January period when Nerayoff made his prediction, Ethereum was above $ 1,000. Although it has collapsed significantly from that point, the general sentiment may still be true. A doubling or tripling of Ethereum from the October price of around $ 225 would position the currency well for rapid growth in the first half of 2019.

Olaf Carlson-Wee $ 7000

"In Ethereum, this programming language is much more expressive and its highest level … so what we've seen in Ethereum is a much richer organic ecosystem of developers that develops very, very quickly, which drove the price growth of Ethereum, which has been much more aggressive than Bitcoin … so maybe by the end of 2018. "- Olaf Carlson-Wee

Olaf Carlson-Wee

In a 2017 interview with Bloomberg, Polychain Capital's CEO predicted that the total market capitalization of Ethereum would destroy Bitcoin by the end of 2018 due to its more robust programming language and position of platform. As of October 2018, the market capitalization of Ethereum was around $ 23 billion, while that of Bitcoin was over $ 114 billion – with coin prices at around $ 225 and $ 6,600, respectively. If we consider Carlson-Wee's prediction to indicate that Ethereum will exceed the price of Bitcoin without a simultaneous collapse in individual Bitcoin prices, we should expect to see Ethereum operate at close to $ 7,000 by the end of the year. Of course, the opposite is also true. Ethereum may exceed Bitcoin's market capitalization while remaining stable while Bitcoin plummets, but this scenario seems unlikely, according to market observers.

Jeff Reed: more precious than Bitcoin

"Like Bitcoin, there's a small chance to prevent Ethereum from being an alternative currency to fiat currencies and commodities, and you can trade anything using Ethereum, but this is not Ethereum's strength compared to other cryptocurrencies: they can do it all, it is rather the computer language that allows intelligent contracts to exist which makes Ethereum more valuable than BTC (in my opinion). "- Jeff Reed

Jeff Reed

The author of cryptocurrency and market observer Reed also equals Ethereum as a safer long-term bet than Bitcoin. While Reed does not provide a hard-and-fast price or timing, his understanding of the market comes down to Ethereum in the end winning Bitcoin – and seizing its superior price position – thanks to its platform capabilities. This is a theme that emerges over and over again among the supporters of Ethereum. Since Ethereum is not just a currency but a platform, it seems inevitable that eventually Bitcoin domains in value.

Brian Schuster: $ 100,000

"And if you believed that Ethereum is less like a single business and more like a store of value, like gold? This gives us a potential market capitalization of about $ 10 trillion, leading us to believe that the price of Ethereum it could go up to $ 100,000 per currency, we could even go one step further and say that Ethereum is not a resource, but a resource to replace all the currency that exists. "- Brian Schuster

Brian Schuster

The head of solutions of the founders of Ark Capital LLC presents a high profile of Ethereum that reaches $ 100,000 per currency, as soon as it replaces gold as a store of value. The definitive substitution of gold with the crypt was predicted by a number of other market observers, although bitcoin is usually considered the probable substitute currency. Reaching an even higher level, Schuster suggests that the appearance of the Ethereum platform could eventually lead it to become a sort of mother-currency for all future digital currencies – in a world where digital currencies are the norm.

What does the future hold for Ethereum?

Putting a price on Ethereum is not even remotely as simple as putting a price on a pure currency of value and expense, like Bitcoin. In its purest form, Ethereum represents the potential. As a development environment, Ethereum provides the basis for a range of minor currencies and decentralized applications that have not yet been implemented. As a currency, Ethereum is evolving by leaps and bounds thanks to its ability to contract intelligently.

Although there is a large gap between the market capitalizations of Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is an even wider gap between the end-use cases of the two currencies. Bitcoin was always meant to be expendable, as a way to circumvent third parties, such as banks. Ethereum, on the other hand, was created with the expense almost as an afterthought; spending Ethereum is what fuels the Ethereum ecosystem, which has a potentially far wider scope than Bitcoin.

To compare the prices of the two directly, therefore, it seems almost to compare apples and oranges. Likewise, it is a little difficult to treat Ethereum as another currency on the market. It's a bit like speculating on domain names in the mid-1990s. Virtually no one could have predicted that an address like would eventually be worth millions – $ 90 million, just that example. Ethereum operates in a similar space. It is easy to take a look at the fundamentals of the currencies and draw some conclusions based on the technical analysis of where it might end the year.

In the long run, however, Ethereum's supporters may be right: the virtual sky may be the limit.



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