From Friday FORBIDDEN home delivery and the sale of food and drinks overnight in Paris – Source News


The French authorities want to avoid the formation of groups that would contribute to the spread of covid-19 in Paris, and the Police Headquarters of the Capital announced that – starting from Friday – “the home delivery and sale of all products prepared by restaurants , drink shops and floating venues (barges) ”are banned between 10pm and 6am local time, AFP reports, according to

“The police services consisted, especially in the evening and at night, in trips and groups of people (suppliers, customers) in and near these places”, wrote the Police Headquarters in a statement.

“Furthermore, the sale of alcoholic beverages at home, especially in nightclubs, risks favoring these night groups, without respecting the barrier gestures, on the public road or in the private sphere”, he adds.

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The decision “reconciles health imperatives with the need to maintain the activity of a sector weakened by the economic crisis,” police said.

The measure is limited to the city of Paris, but Mayor Anne Hidalgo mentioned the “neighboring suburbs” on Thursday.

The night closing of grocery stores is not mentioned in the decision, taken two days after the return to the night driving ban in Paris, announced by government spokesman Gabriel Attal and denied by Matignon.

The mayor of Parisusui announced on the radio on Thursday that “a number of places where groups form” will be closed for the sale of houses, starting at 10pm local time (11pm Romanian time) in the capital.

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Anne Hidalgo said she was mainly targeting places that sell alcohol, but that some restaurants may remain open.

“We decided yesterday (Wednesday) new restrictions with the prefect,” he said. “It is mainly about the restriction of liquor stores, grocery stores and small shops.”


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