From all dishes: Pedro’s mother confronts Teresa Guilherme and wants to please her – National


The mother of Pedro Fonseca, the 42-year-old competitor of Big Brother – A Revolução, coming from Alverca do Ribatejo, goes on fire with Teresa Guilherme, 65, accusing her of abusing her son, live, at the latest TVI gala evening and promises him a face-to-face response. “What Teresa Guilherme said to my son hurt me. Pipoca, who is a girl as she should be, also went well and jumped with her. What Teresa said is not said on a television program. But is it on the mind of someone who called my son a potato beetle? “, Asks Maria Antónia Fonseca, 68, advancing to TV Guia what will happen on Sunday 8:”If you don’t ask me questions, I won’t tell you anything, but if you talk to me, I’ll have to tell you two or three truths you wouldn’t like to hear.. I am not rude and I do not want to offend, but I must tell you that I have offended and offended my son. “The mother of the former flight attendant explains to the publication how she will maintain her posture:” I’ll take half of Xanax to resist. I will do like the [José Carlos] Sick, to calm down … I just hope my husband doesn’t fall asleep on the couch, because he sits down and stays, poor thing“she says, revealing how she managed to stay calm in a short and recent participation in the Você na TV! program:” I went to Goucha and I loved it. He has a correct personality and puts people at ease. Then I had a whole Xanax [risos]“In recent weeks, Teresa Guilherme has been criticized for the way she treats her competitors. One such attack was by commentator and former competitor Marta Cardoso, who accused the host of being biased and unfair.

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