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Finally, India has formally banned cryptocurrencies? Ongoing has or has no regulatory saga in India regarding the country's cryptocurrency ban has been intriguing and enlightening for observers still frustrating for cryptic sector players. The latest news is that a government panel is now recommending a "total ban" on all crypto-currencies, but, as those who have followed this story well know, this will not be the end of the story. It does not mean anything until the bills are drawn up and this could take months. Or years.

Korea's kakao invests in an Israeli blockchain business: The Korean social media giant Kakao has invested money in the launch of the Israeli blockchain Orbs. Kakao, who runs South Korea's largest messaging application platform, did not disclose the size of the investment, but at the start of the year he claimed it would be a blockchain unit specialized. Orbs said the investment will be based on its existing partnership with Kakao's subsidiary blockchain, Ground X, which saw the two companies working on dApp blockchain and research and development projects.

Binance starts the encrypted learning platform: Proudly known as the world's leading crypto-currency in volume – although the position is challenged by OKEx – the Malta-based trading platform, founded in China, is never far from news. He is once again making headlines with the launch of Binance Academy, a site to teach people about cryptocurrencies. Available in 15 languages, the site has basics on everything from the history of blockchain to mining. It is not clear whether his courses will cover the rules on digital money.

LINE acquires the "offensive research", a counter-hacking company: A Korean branch of the Japanese social media company LINE bought GrayHash, an online security research center specializing in "offensive research" and counter-hacking techniques. GrayHash will be responsible for developing and optimizing security solutions for LINE's crypto-friendly offerings, including messaging, FinTech, AI, blockchain and its digital asset exchange services.

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to launch the cryptocurrency: The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are creating a digital currency that will be used in cross-border transactions. It will be limited to inter-bank transactions. Both countries had difficulty becoming a regional blockchain leader, with the Saudi central bank working on blockchain settlement systems and the United Arab Emirates piloting both the blockchain platform and governmental administrative platforms.

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