Friday dawn … the last square of the moon in the sky of the Arab world


The moon appears before midnight next Friday, followed by its arrival at the time of the last quarter at 2.39 am Cairo (00:39 GMT), thus cutting three-quarters of its orbit around the Earth during the month.

The moon will be observed high in the dome of the sky to coincide with the start of sunrise on Saturday against the blue background of the sky, and will remain visible until noon, according to local time.

The moon is known to revolve around the earth once every four weeks, and the result is a cycle of its phases from the conjunction, the crescent of the beginning of the month, the first square, through the crescent hunchback, then the full moon, and then the waning hump, then the last square and the crescent of the end of the month, and it returns again to the conjunction every 29.5 days, and this movement also means that the moon moves rapidly in the sky From one night to the next night, the moon crosses 13 degrees in the dome of the sky, and this causes the appearance and disappearance of the moon to be about an hour late each day.

The last period of quadrature, in which half of the moon and the other half appear dark, is the ideal time to observe the topography of the lunar surface with binoculars or a small telescope, because the mountains, craters, etc. They are very sharp, especially along the line that separates the bright side from the dark side due to the interference of light and shadow, which gives a vision. 3D, which is an ideal opportunity for tracking and photography.

During the next few days, the distance between the moon and the sun in the dome of the sky will narrow until the moon becomes in the waxing phase at the end of the month and will observe just before sunrise in preparation for its fall into the conjunction for the month of Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1442

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