French Engie, in a joint venture with Maltem consultants to "industrialize" blockchain technology


London –
French Engie and business consulting group Maltem have launched a blockchain development joint venture that seeks to simplify and extend the use of digital register technology, the companies said Friday [19659003]Not registered?

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Search to democratize technology

Initial financing of 1,9 million euro insured

Plans for Asia, Southern Europe

The joint venture, called Blockchain Studio, secured the loan of 1.9 million dollars (2.2 million dollars).

Blockchain Studio's software suite aims to accelerate and industrialize the use of blockchain projects.

"The Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that affects all sectors … However, most Blockchain projects stagnate at the stadium & # 39; proof of concept & # 39; and this technology still remains the domain of experts and specialists ", the companies said.

The company seeks to "democratize the uses of this technology and make it accessible to as many people as possible, especially companies," the statement added.

Blockchain Studio software has two objectives.

First, make the blockchain accessible to users with little technical knowledge through "smart contracts" and secondly, allowing for broader access to the blockchain infrastructure through the Cloud or on company servers.

Smart contracts are self-executed contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller written in the code that is on the distributed blockchain network, which could potentially cut costs, reduce the risk of errors and make trading operations back. -end more reliable and efficient.

Blockchain Studio plans to position itself on the Asian market at the beginning of 2019 with the opening of an office in Singapore. It also plans to develop its activities in Southern Europe later in 2019.

– Ornela Figurinaite, [email protected]

– Edited by Jonathan Dart, [email protected] [19659019] [ad_2]Source link