Franklyn Richards of the Litecoin Foundation states that LTC does not need Bitcoin (BTC) to stand up


Franklyn Richards, director of the Litecoin Foundation, spoke with Tokenbox about a variety of topics, including: How the foundation is founded with the core of Litecoin, because Charlie Lee no longer codifies, and why putting chains of health and supply on blockchain is useless?

When asked about the comparison with BTC he said that if the bitcoin is gold, Litecoin is silver. Because silver prices are directly proportional to gold most of the time, the same goes for litecoin. Although in itself, Litecoin is still standing and holding the ground.

He said:

"… every day tens of thousands of transactions are performed across the network and hundreds of millions of dollars are transferred across the net every day, it's great as a form of money because it serves and does very well these few things. to make their way and make smart contracts built directly into something like that of Ethereum, because we can see how that can lead to disaster ".

On global token aspirations, Richards he added:

"… and in many ways it's already saying, doing so many exchanges and transactions everywhere, every day, people understand how powerful the technology is and to adopt it." It's just a handful of cryptocurrencies that are listed on every single major exchange out there and those three are Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum, of those two sound money Bitcoin and Litecoin. "

Richards he went on to say that his foundation became very rich at the beginning of Bitcoin when people spent it carelessly and donated it to the foundation just for the sake of it. He has declared:

"… obviously they bought in Bruce Fenton who became the manager of the Bitcoin foundation who ordered and cleaned a lot, but was not able to recover his name or his position".

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