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Foxconn and Sirin Labs collaborate on the production of Blockchain – Blockchain News phones

Blockchain Phones will soon become the latest in a rapidly growing list of innovations in the use of blockchain technology. In an era when leading technology development companies are trying to outdo each other by developing blockchain systems at the forefront, Foxconn is looking to take the blockchain step in its industry by developing a blockchain compatible mobile phone .

FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, has decided to help develop a new range of blockchain-compatible mobile phones called "Finney" from its Sirin Labs. The new mobile phone could help customers memorize and make digital currency transactions safer and faster with zero transaction fees.

In a tweet, Sirin Labs expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Foxconn for the development of revolutionary blockchain phones.

This new blockchain device will be equipped with interesting features. Not only will it integrate all types of digital tokens, it will make it easier to identify and purchase goods from sites that accept cryptocurrency payments. Users can even share their mobile WiFi and receive immediate payment in digital coins.

Foxconn Technology Group, headquartered in Taiwan, is a world leader in the mobile phone industry and has assembled devices such as the Iphone series, the Playstation series and Kindles while Sirin Labs became famous when it launched the SOLARIN-oriented phone. safety.

The Finney mobile phone will be available initially in Vietnam and Turkey, though, Sirin Labs believes it can sell a few million units this year.

Cryptocurrency Safety First

Describing the new device in an interview, Sirin's CEO, Moshe Hogeg, said that all cryptographic services on Finney would be activated with a physical switch instead of using a complicated address and a private key model. He also clarified that in the future users could use iris scanners, fingerprints or simple passwords to protect their digital wallet.

In addition, Sirin Labs, which has been at the forefront of blockchain technology development, recently launched a PC that will help users generate blockchain code specifically targeting cryptocurrency users. The company has recently signed the superstar of football, Lionel Messi as a Brand Ambassador, in order to create greater awareness on blockchain technology.

It is noteworthy that Foxconn will face stiff competition from blockchain startups and established phone manufacturers looking to develop more blockchain-compatible devices. Of this latest group is Huawei who recently announced the intention to incorporate blockchain into its devices.

Sirin Labs signs Lionel Messi as a Brand Ambassador

Sirin Labs, which became famous with the launch of the extremely secure SOLARIN phone, recently signed Lionel Messi as the company's brand ambassador in order to create greater awareness on blockchain technology.

Sirin Labs has been at the forefront of launching new products based on blockchain technology. Recently, he launched a PC that would help users generate blockchain code specifically aimed at cryptocurrency users. Most of the company's products are designed in such a way that the goal is for cryptocurrency users. According to the company, the market will certainly explode a lot more as more and more people become aware of cryptocurrencies. In addition, fans of football legend would make products even more popular among the crowd that has not currently used or invested in cryptocurrencies.

The company did not exactly reveal the cost of acquiring football star services. However, many people in the cryptocurrency space are actually trying to figure out if such a move would have produced appropriate results for the company. According to the company's CEO, Moshe Hogeg, plan to use the services of the football superstar for a longer period of time.

The star has also posted on his Facebook page that is happy to support a company that is making blockchain increasingly accessible to individual investors. The football star has further elaborated in a promotional poster that was happy to become an ambassador of the company that is creating systems that increase the accessibility of blockchain technology and also helps users to better understand blockchain technology.

Also this year Sirin Labs launched FINNEY, a smartphone that offers much more advanced security than generic smartphones. In addition, the company has launched everything in a PC that uses blockchain technology to work and is completely free and does not involve any commission.

With the signature of the Star as an ambassador of the brand, the company has certainly been able to conquer titles all over the world. It remains to be seen how the company is able to translate this advertisement into sales. One thing that is certain is that the company's products are quite innovative and if it is able to attract the right audience, it can certainly increase the company's sales and take it to a whole new level.

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