Founder Motor wins two consecutive boards with 10% market share this year

Original title: Founder Motor has won two consecutive boards, aiming to achieve 10% market share this year

Interested in the concept of Wuling Hongguang,Motor founderOn December 1st and 2nd two trading days to obtain two consecutive boards. 2 DecemberMotor founderTitlesMinistry of the Peopleto acceptIn the interview, he said: “Wuling Hongguang’s MINIEVthe companyIn the supply, the current order quantity is around 20,000 units / month and the order is complete.If Wuling will increase orders in the future, the company willrequestCoordinate production capacity to ensure order supply. “

  Motor founderThe core business includes new energy drive motors and integrated drive systems, automotive electronics, and micromotorsintelligent controlFour major business segments of the device: Motor founder mentioned multiple times in the financial report that the company is the first tier of key components in new energy vehiclessupplier

secondmarketAccording to analysts, in 2019, Founder Motor drives engines and this market share is around 6%.targetsThis year’s market share reached 10%. Founder motor September drive motorShipmentThe volume ranks second in the country, second only toBYDThe person has analyzed that new energyAutomotive industryThere is a 2-3 year period between investment in research and development and the launch of mass production. The future development direction of new energy automotive motors includes integrated drive, high voltage and high speed, flat wire winding, etc. The overall goal is to improve the efficiency and power density of the motor and reduce the volume and weight – the future of Founder MotorPerformanceThe increase is mainly due to the scale of the new electricity business, i.e. the overall growth of the new energy vehicle market and the increase in the company’s market share. Over the next five years, the electric drive market for new energy passenger vehicles is expected to exceed 15%.

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