Foreigners, net purchase of KOSPI 5.42 trillion this month … Maximum in 7 years and 2 months

Photos = Pixar Bay

It was found that foreign investors are buying shares on the largest scale in seven years and two months this month.

According to the Korea Exchange, as of the 20th of this month, foreign investors have bought net stock market shares for 5.4264 trillion won.

This is the highest net purchase in seven years and two months after KRW 7,636 trillion in September 2013.

It is paying attention that it will reach its current level if net buying continues for the remaining six trading days.

On the 15th, daily net purchases reached 1,134.8 billion won, the 9th in history.

Thanks to the buying trend of foreign investors, the KOSPI, which was 2267.15 at the end of last month, closed at 2553.50 on the 20th and showed a 12.6% rise.

In this year, foreigners made net sales on the securities market except in January and July, but as the election of candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election became dominant, the net purchase of domestic shares increased from beginning of this month.

Lee Jung-sun, global economic reporter [email protected]


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