For this Zack Snyder has decided to release his version of ‘Justice League’


After years of listening to fan requests and irritation over the product delivered by Joss Whedon, Warner Bros. finally decided it would be a good idea to pitch the original idea the first director had in mind, but we didn’t know why. . Zack Snyder has decided to release his version of “Justice League” for these reasons he comments in a recent interview.

Many of you already know the story, WB didn’t like the dark version that Snyder had in this production, so they decided to make changes. The real problems came when the director left his post due to family problems and it was Whedon who took his place, but that only led to problems. The story was completely changed and fans hated it, not to mention the mistreatment Ray Fisher claims he received on set.

Although the reasons for fans vary, Zack Snyder decided to launch his own version of ‘Justice League’ first to be true to the idea he had and then to what he promised the actors. Fortunately, it has a lot of material recorded at the time and it only takes five more minutes to finish it, so in 2021 we will be able to enjoy four hours of excitement.

“I had them in the movie, right? Like I said, this is it, you will be this, this is where it goes, right? ‘Justice League’. Well, and starting, and when I talk about Jason or Ezra, ya Sai, it’s starting, you know , it’s like going back to BVS years ago. Same with Amy … it was about, you know, this, that we were going somewhere, you know? And I feel like when I did, when this opportunity came and I she came, you know, I got this call and Toby Emmerich called me to say “Hey, is that what you’d be interested in doing?” and it was shocking, frankly, I wasn’t ready, but I thought about … thinking about it, one of the great things that made me say “yes” to this great job, it’s crazy, but it was that commitment that I made with those actors about, like, let’s get it over with. Drop me. Let me honor what we talked about creation, you know, because I, you know, it’s famous that I’ve never seen the stage version of “Justice League”, but I can only guess it’s not what we talked about “revealed Snyder for Beyond The Trailer.

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