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For my Guaidó, he is already president of Venezuela

21 January 2019 07:00 PM
Updated 21 January 2019 21:24

Paola Holguín, Colombian senator, said on Monday that the president of the National Assembly and in charge of the Presidency of the Republic, Juan Guaidó, should take an oath as Venezuelan president.

"He is president of the National Assembly since 5 January, which took over the new board of directors!" The Venezuelan Constitution states that before the power vacuum, the president of the Assembly assumes a provisional position: where is the discussion? is that what they did not understand? The international community has understood it! There is nothing to discuss here, "said Holguín during an interview on the website. PanAmPost.

The senator has ensured that he must formalize the act of taking over the presidency to be regularly recognized by the international community.

"It's important because, unfortunately, politics is also a question of symbols, it must be and seem, but there are countries that are very good at keeping the forms, sometimes even the Venezuelan people, so if you want to keep the shape, it's important He has sworn in. But for me, since January 10, he is the president of Venezuela, "he explained.

With information from PanAmPost

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