Fixed sales of 83 trillion winners at Alibaba 1111 international shopping festival in China …


New record of 83 trillion sales won at the 11/11 shopping festival in Alibaba, China

[고침]    International (83 trillion won sold at 11/11 shopping festival in Alibaba, China ...)

While the Chinese economy is showing its escape from the shock of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), the transaction volume of Alibaba, the largest Asian e-commerce company, reached 83 trillion won this year, the largest ever recorded.

Alibaba on the 12th at the printing center installed near the Hangzhou City headquarters, Zhejiang Province, from 1st to 11th, Alibaba has a total of 498. It was announced that a transaction of RMB (about 83, 8 trillion won).

On November 11 last year, this significantly exceeded the daily transaction amount of 268.4 billion yuan (about 45 trillion won).

However, this year, as Alibaba calculates and publishes statistics, it is difficult to directly compare this year’s results with last year’s results.

For the first time this year, Alibaba set the first sale period from November 1 to November 3 before the November 11 event.

The festival period increased by another three days from one day to four.

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