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First Bitcoin Capital Corp offers alternative blockchain for $ Weed Currency owners via a smart Ethereum Erc20 contract: 2018 years in review – Press release

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / 28 December 2018 / First Bitcoin Capital Corp (OTC PINK: BITCF) begins today to provide an alternative vehicle to own and transfer WEED tokens (COIN: WEED) using the Ethereum eco system. The first Bitcoin Capital originally generated WEED [1] (like a commemorative cryptocurrency that can be used to solve banking problems in the cannabis industry) on the Bitcoin Blockchain using Omni protocols. While the intelligent Omni contract proved to be a viable vehicle based on the success of Tether (COIN: USDT), the second most actively traded cryptocurrency, with a secondary medium to hold, transfer and receive tokenised WeeD[2] has more flexibility for ownership that opens the door to more cryptographic exchange platforms.

No new WEED coins will be added to the total reserve. The total offer on Ethereum reflects the original supply on Bitcoin Blockchain, however, when an owner decides to convert Omni tokens to Ethereum tokens with a 1: 1 ratio (minimum 10,000 tokens per conversion) the tokens delivered will be held in trust , only to be used if / when a weed token holder ERC20 decides to reverse its own ERC20 token Omni.

The ERC20 weed contract can be read here:


The first Bitcoin Capital plans to make additional WeeD token lists appear on cryptographic exchanges, using the ERC20 version at the start of 2019. We also expect WeeD to adapt as a medium of exchange to solve some of the banking problems that plague the Cannabis industry in 2019. Through our recently launched 420WiFi proximity marketing business for cannabis dispensaries, we plan to start exploiting loyalty program opportunities presented here using Weed coins as means of obtaining greater customer satisfaction.

A precedent has been set up successfully to allow a cryptocurrency to operate on various exchanges under two separate blocks. For example, MobileGo (COIN: MGO) trades on cryptographic exchanges all over the world as both the Ethereum Blockchain ERC20 token and the Blockesin Waves token.

Owners of Omni WEED tokens who wish to convert their positions to the ERC20 (WeeD) version must send their requests to info@firstbitcoin.io providing the address where the Omni Weed tokens are stored together with the address of the ETH wallet to which they want their ERC20 token WeeD sent.

2018 years in review

To our shareholders,

We are extremely proud of the milestones we have achieved during the 2018 year. Each milestone represents the dedication to the work done by our team in every project.

During the year, First Bitcoin Capital Corp:

  • He started developing the first blockchain-based supply chain management tool for the oil and gas industry called PetroBLOQ.
  • The company developed Petroleum Coin (Coin: OIL) as an intelligent contract token managed by Ethereum to be used in the oil industry.
  • Advanced development of www.altcoinmarketcap.com involving Altcoin (COIN: ALT) which tracks thousands of cryptocurrencies and is designed to compete with a famous website, coinmarketcap.com.
  • The company has awarded 25,000,000 WEED tokens to our CANNABLOQ project, an industry-based website dedicated to educating those who can benefit from cannabis therapy.
  • The Company has completed the purchase of PERKSCOIN from www.CannaSOS.com ICO, one of the best known cannabis companies on social media.
  • The company has completed and published the certified financial statements for the years ending 2016 and 2017 and started the bullish listing process.
  • The company has restructured our main website to make it easier for shareholders to update their business plans and has moved to: www.firstbitcoin.io.
  • The company launched 420WIFI, a location-based marketing and analysis platform that provides WiFi as a free digital marketing tool to maintain and reward customers at cannabis physicians and dispensaries nationwide. This allows us to use some of our loyalty coins, including WEED, as an incentive for loyalty. For more information, visit www.420wifi.com.
  • The company has signed a joint venture agreement with DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions inc, which also operates as DIGiMax Global Solutions. The purpose of the Joint Venture is to facilitate the financing of security token (STO) offers for both First Bitcoin Capital and DigiCrypts customers, primarily as consultants providing unregistered advice and, when registered, as a Dealer Broker Dealer in the jurisdiction of the western United States (west of the Mississippi River), including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • The company completed the pilot test for three ATMs at CA. The company subsequently positioned the kiosks in Oklahoma and started making money from these kiosks. Please visit our website for the locations of our machines to cash checks.

For the path that awaits us, we will continue our efforts to be listed and listed on several international stock exchanges. Our lawyers have recently informed us that regulatory authorities may require 3 years of financial controls and since we are so close to the end of 2018 this has delayed the listing process, so we now expect to get stock quotes during the first quarter of 2019. We will continue to aggressively develop our business with 420 WIFI and our dozens of cryptocurrency projects now in their various stages of development during the next 2019 year.

Information on First Bitcoin Capital Corp

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (OTC PINK: BITCF) (NASDAQOTH: BITCF) (CRYPTO: BITCF) began to develop digital currencies, proprietary Blockchain technologies and digital currency exchange – www.CoinQX.com (in Beta) to the & # 39; beginning of 2014. We have seen this step represents a huge opportunity to create further shareholder value by leveraging management experience in the development and management of complex Blockchain technologies and in the development of new types of digital resources. Being the first publicized cryptocurrency company and a company focused on BlockChain, we provide our shareholders with a diverse exposure to digital cryptocurrencies and BlockChain technologies.

Connect on social media to:

For more information visit: www.firstbitcoin.io

Forward-looking statements

Some statements in this press release may constitute "forward-looking statements". Forward-looking statements provide the current expectations of future events based on certain assumptions and include any statements that are not directly related to historical or current events. Actual results may differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors that may be disclosed in company records. In addition to these factors, future performance, results and actual results may differ materially due to more general factors including (without limitation) general industry and market conditions and growth rates, economic conditions and governmental and regulatory changes. of public policy. The forward-looking statements included in this press release represent the Company's views at the date of this press release and these opinions may change. However, although the Company may decide to update such forward-looking statements in the future, the Company expressly disclaims any such obligation to do so. These forward-looking statements should not be considered representative of the Company's views at any date after the date of the press release. Such forward-looking statements are detailed risks in the Company's archives, which are archived at www.OTCMarkets.com.

Contact us via: info@firstbitcoin.io or visit http://www.firstbitcoin.io

[1] GRASS refers to the Bitcoin-Blockchain token

[2] Grass refers to the Ethereum ERC20 token

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