Fintech Cryptos Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) Defy Market Massacre


Another day announces more sadness and darkness for most cryptocurrencies, including the most important ones. Markets have been hammered more than 15% a day by losing over $ 20 billion since yesterday, but not all digital currencies are suffering the same level of pain.

A case for stellar lumens

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash suffered a reduction in their market limits and consequently lost positions. BCH so much, that Stellar took fourth place a few days after eliminating EOS in fifth place. The hashish phrasing of Bitcoin Cash that dominated the crypto-sphere that preceded the last fork of last week has cost billions. As a result, BCH crashed nearly 45% over the course of the day to unprecedented lows below $ 200, yet the statistics from Coinmarketcap have this warning;

"To reflect the current market, we have combined our Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC) cards. We have observed that most exchanges use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to refer to the implementation of Bitcoin Cash. ABC. "

On Coinbase, BCH is priced around $ 250 at the time of writing, which is still much more than 50% of the week.

Meanwhile, XLM has overcome this storm and has actually gained over 14% since mid-September. Today's loss of around 16% still leaves the stellar level at the low of mid-October. The three-month chart of this altcoin is generally on the rise while the majority of others have done the opposite.

Stellar currently has a market capitalization of $ 3.5 billion; almost twice as much as Litecoin, and more than enough to usurp both EOS and Bitcoin Cash in the same week. The future is bright for Lumens.

XRP Stand when the storm rages

The other crypt fintech, which has very close links with Stellar, is XRP, also surviving the avalanche crypt. Now over $ 4 billion more than Ethereum in terms of market capitalization, Ripple's XRP token has established itself as the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. With the fall of Bitcoin is closing the gap and earned $ 15 billion since yesterday, when the two were much more distant.

The XRP has decreased by around 5% today, but almost all other digital currencies have two bleeding figures. In the last three months XRP has gained almost 50% and, just like the XLM, is still at the level since that time last month. In less than a week XRP has recovered while all those around him have crumbled larger quantities.

The only two survivors of the bleeding market right now, apart from the stablecoin, are XRP and XLM which is a strong sign that these two have a long way to go.

Image from Shutterstock / NewsBTC
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