finally that missing key character returned


Advertencia: This note includes Shingeki no Kyojin de Hajime Isayama manga 134 spoilers and Kodansha editorial.

If you catch up with the Shingeki no Kyojin manga, or at least have an idea of ​​what has passed, you will know that Eren has finally activated the Rumbling of the Earth, freed millions of colossal titans from the walls, and started total destruction of the world. , basically.

But not everyone agrees with the measure taken by the protagonist and in fact his friends try to stop him along with the survivors Marley Warriors, in something they call “the Alliance”. In chapter 133 we saw how Eren warned them that there was no dialogue or negotiation with him and that to stop him they would have to kill him.

That’s why the new chapter was supposed to show the start of the final battle between the two sides; which he did, but also, through the most recent spoilers leaked on social media, the return of a character who had left behind many chapters ago and that some even gave up for dead was revealed: Zeke Jaeger.

According to the new leaked images and losses from various Twitter accounts, in this chapter we will see Titan Beast return, albeit in a terrifying and quite macabre way; Well, in the midst of the destruction of the world, this being is shown being controlled as a puppet by the titan of Eren, who uses it to take down airships and any artifacts that come close to attempt to confront it.

The moment of sudden appearance occurs when the ships approach Eren’s titan to attack him; however, somehow the Beast Titan materializes to respond to this offensive.

Look at the pictures:

If you look closely, the Titan Beast is attached to Eren’s Titan by means of “threads” which appear to be bone matter, and probably have to do with the power of the Warhammer Titan that the protagonist also has within him.

At the end of the episode, we can see a confrontation between the Titan Beast and the Armored Titan, who has arrived on the battlefield, determined to end the destruction caused by Eren. Will you make it?

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