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Filming that revolutionized America. The gesture of some students, supporters of Donald Trump

A record in which a group of American students, supporters of Donald Trump, humiliates an American veteran, has caused a revolt and made the rounds of the American media.

A group of students from a Catholic, private, and Kentucky youth school was killed on Friday 18 January while harassing an American veteran, making viral images, according to The Guardian.

Young people, high school students, were recorded singing "We make America great!Donald Trump's electoral slogan attended an anti-abortion rally in Washington, near Lincoln Memorial, where they met Nathan Phillips, a veteran and rights activist for the Americans, the man beat the drums on a different path: that of the natives.

Students are accused of bringing the 64 year old to be ashamed and shout in front of him "We make America great!"IS"We build the wall"(The wall on the border with Mexico).

The man reported feeling threatened by the students around him, according to the Washington Post. One of the young people is filmed while sneering in mockery in his direction.

The images that have surprised the disrespect and the lack of respect of the students have outraged the American public opinion, and have bypassed the social networks with hundreds of thousands of shares on Twitter and Facebook.

Kentucky High School has commented that it does not support the behavior shown by its students and has apologized. While the teenage mother, in a mocking attitude, blamed the "black Muslims" for her son's reaction, fueling the public uprising.

Dozens of politicians and celebrities reacted by condemning student behavior. The actress Alyssa Milano wrote on Twitter that the images brought her to the edge of tears and the actor Chris Evans defined the reaction of the students "disturbing and shameful". Democrat MP Deb Haaland wrote that the students showed "hate, disrespect and intolerance".

Some say that activist Nathan Phillips is also guilty because he was the first to turn to the youth group. The case is being investigated by high schools, according to ABC News.

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