Filecoin founder accuses TRON (TRX) CEO of spreading lies

  • IPFS creator and founder of Filecoin (FIL), Juan Benet, accuses the CEO of TRON (TRX) of allegedly making false claims.
  • Justin Sun accuses the Filecoin platform of being a scam and downloading FIL without consulting investors.

The conflict between the creator of the IPFS platform and the founder of Filecoin, Juan Benet, against the CEO of TRON (TRX), Justin Sun, continues. After the launch of Filecoin, Sun published a Tweet that reignited the conflict with Benet. TRON (TRX) CEO accuses Filecoin of being a “scam platform” after 1.5 million FIL tokens were sold for $ 300 million.

This massive dumping on the market, according to Sun, brought the price of FIL down to $ 60, affecting miners and the community. In his Tweet, Sun tagged the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, and even Juan Benet himself. Sun asked the US authorities to “hold Benet accountable” under US regulations. Sun She said:

Everyone in filecoin, including miners, investors and founders, should follow the linear maturation rules (…). Violating vesting rules has serious legal and compliance consequences. Do you really think dumping this way is okay?

Filecoin, downloaded on the market at the expense of the miners?

Benet denied that of Sun allegations and that he or the Filecoin team dumped funds on the market. Instead, Benet ran several articles accusing Sun of being “a bad actor”. Benet claimed:

He lied, cheated and swindled to get a fortune. It harassed communities and left behind a trail of destruction. He tried over and over to harm our communities and tried to steal our success.

Additionally, Sun was accused of having a financial interest in “doing harm”. Sun is speculated to fork Filecoin. Therefore, the tweet could be part of a strategy that would lead to the “justification” of launching an alternative platform. In this sense, Benet said:

If Justin forks Filecoin, a warning to all miners considering joining. Look at the history of projects associated with Tron and confirm that you want to. And you could become the victim of a huge pump and dump scam. Good luck!

However, it appears to be true that the planned launch of the Filecoin mainnet has been fraught with controversy. Such as reported, Colin Wu Chinese Filecoin miners started “a strike” against Filecoin team. Apparently, the miners made a hefty investment with the expectation of getting it back after the mainnet deployment, but the operation of the Filecoin platform did not favor the miners.

Previously, Benet had accused Sun of stealing the code, logo, branding and plagiarizing the InterPlanetary Files System (IPFS) white paper. Launched in 2015, the platform was developed by Benet and Protocol Labs. In 2017, the Filecoin project received $ 257 million in its Initial Coin Offer (ICO), making it the most successful platform of its kind and one of the most publicized platforms.

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