FIFA 21: Ultimate Team soon without packages? Destructive court ruling against EA


FIFA 21 Ultimate Team criticized – After real money package purchases have made a sensation for years, now a devastating court ruling for EA follows.

  • Electronic Arts continues to collect shit storms from their community.
  • The pay-to-win charges against FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has been around for years.
  • Well condemned dish EA sues FIFA 21 and sentenced the company to a 10 million euro fine.

The Hague, the Netherlands – Lately it is FIFA 21 from Electronic arts overshadowed by strong criticism. Now it’s about the next storm of shit against the developer and publisher. Especially from German Twitch streamers like Trymacs was calling Pay-to-win charges against FIFA Ultimate Team. Official bodies are now intervening. One dish in the Netherlands it is opposed SHE and makes gambling charges in FIFA 21.

Release (date of first publication) 6 October 2020
publisher Electronics Art
Series FIFA
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, PC
developer EA Canada / Romania
Gender Football simulation

FIFA 21: The gambling problem has long been criticized because of the packages

The issue of FIFA Points and FIFA Ultimate Team Packs has been heavily criticized for years. According to many fans, unauthorized gambling should be organized in the game, as there is no guarantee that a player worth the respective amount will be drawn Packs is situated. The only option to which Packs to come there are, in addition to the coins, of which about 500-800 are obtained per game, the controversial ones FIFA points. These can only be purchased for real money.

One Standard packaging Having three gold players costs 7,500 coins, which means players can play more than 10 games for one Packaging should have completed. To save the effort, many players log in directly FIFA Point. The same costs 7,500 Coin-Pack 150 Points, the equivalent of around 1.50 euros – quite expensive for three gold players.

Also Trymacs open FIFA 21 some Packs. In a YouTube video, the streamer shows who his best players are FIFA Packs after spending 3,000 euros. The whole team in the video of Trymacs worth around 225,000 coins according to In comparison: Cristiano Ronaldo’s card costs in FIFA 21 currently about 1,600,000 coins.

This clearly shows how the whole game is based on luck. Trymacs he would have had to pay around € 21,333 to buy Ronaldo if his luck had remained the same. The game FIFA 21 has been rated with a USK for 0 years, although players can purchase an unlimited number of FIFA 21 Points in the store. So it’s no surprise that EA has been receiving criticism of packaging mechanics for years.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Electronic Arts made it clear that the company was very disappointed with this judgement of the Dutch court is. He said in an interview: “We do not believe that our products and services violate gambling laws in any way.“The developer of FIFA 21 therefore wishes to appeal the decision and stresses that it is for SHE the highest priority would be “To provide choice, fairness, value and enjoyment to all of our players in all of our games. “

FIFA 21: The court condemns EA for packages and game addiction

Following a study on gambling among minors conducted by the Dutch gambling authority Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), many companies have adapted their games accordingly. René Jansen, President of the KSA, pointed out in a statement, “that it is vital to protect vulnerable groups such as minors from the influence of gambling. ”

FIFA 21: no more packages soon? Serious court ruling against EA

© Electronic Arts / Pixabay (Montage)

A reaction from Electronic arts so far it has not been However, this is now the case judgement I liked it SHE they are exactly three weeks old, FIFA 21 to adapt to gambling laws. Otherwise, the company would have to pay a weekly fine of 250,000 euros. This fine can increase up to 5 million euros for Electronic Arts Inc. and 5 million euros for Electronic Arts Swiss Sàrl, for a total of 10 million euros.

Rubriklistenbild: © Electronic Arts / Pixabay (Montage)

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