Fewer and fewer Arab countries are free


Freedom House has released its annual ranking of the freest and most repressed countries in the world. For the fourteenth consecutive year, global freedom has declined, as 64 countries have seen a decline in freedom, while only 37 countries have advanced in the right direction towards a freer country. Democracy indicators express the percentages of measure in which States guarantee the political and civil rights of their citizens, an increase in the percentage indicates an increase in the level of freedom in the country and vice versa.

In the Arab world, Tunisia ranked first with a percentage of 77% in terms of guaranteeing the political and civil rights of its citizens, while the Comoros and Lebanon were ranked second with 44%, while the Jordan and Morocco ranked third, with a rate of 37%.

Syria, on the other hand, was ranked last in the Arab world with 0%, in light of the war to which the country has witnessed since 2011. In second place, instead, Somalia and Saudi Arabia with a democracy index that does not exceed 7%. While Libya ranked third before the last, with a rate no higher than 9%, and Yemen ranked fourth before the last, by 11%.

Source: Freedomhouse

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