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Fetch.AI in Cambridge is at the center of a new power group that represents blockchain-based organizations in Europe.

He joined forces with EMURGO / Cardano, NEM and Ripple to found Blockchain for Europe – the first credible attempt to create a unified voice for the European blockchain industry.

The logical foundation of the new body is that the political debate in Europe has been fragmented with inconsistent information from those who are not part of the blockchain sector by challenging consensus within it.

The goals of the association are to foster the understanding within the EU and the institutions of the member states on the true nature and potential of the technology of distributed accounting books and blockchains, and to ensure that the Imminent regulation promotes and promotes innovation in Europe.

Members are organizations whose activities come from DLT and blockchain technology. They share a common vision that Europe becomes the world leader in blockchain technology.

Blockchain for Europe wants to help Europe create smart regulation to shape the global agenda.

Alongside the four major groups of the European Parliament, the association hosted a very successful Blockchain summit for Europe at the end of November.

It brought together stakeholders from around the world, discussing issues such as governance, health, transport, trade, identity, financial market infrastructure and token / cryptocurrency.

The debate has shown potential benefits for both policy makers and original blockchain companies when they engage directly and transparently.

Toby Simpson, CTO and co-founder, Fetch.AI, said: "This is an extraordinary opportunity to steer European policy in a field that will positively change the lives of so many people." The convergence of technologies like machine learning , AI and decentralized registries offer the opportunity for a world where technology works most effectively for the benefit of us all. "

• PHOTOGRAPHY SHOWS: Toby Simpson of Fetch.AI

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