FC Bayern Munich: David Alaba makes insane plan public – further details known


David Alaba and FC Bayern will soon separate. The Austrian is now back against the club. It reveals why it has not renewed.

  • Because of David Alaba is available at FC Bayern mighty trouble.
  • The club withdrew its offer and Alaba responded with serious accusations.
  • Now the Austrian reveals one FCB plan – Is that why you didn’t extend it?
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Update from November 6, 5.45pm: Earlier this week, David faced Alaba Sky revealed that Bayern gave him a Change for Manchester City offered (see initial report). “After the second or third conversation I got the call and was asked if I could imagine an exchange. Where then do I say: this is somewhere hit in the face“, Said the Austrian. How Sky Sports News UK reported, the interest is out England they still exist in Austria. For the subsequent transfer period Alaba is said to have already made a decision.

FC Bayern: Alaba reveals Bayern’s exchange plan – The Austrians decide for the next transfer period

A “source close to the player” should Sky Sports News UK reported that Alaba “At this time does not consider other clubs “and” one hundred percent on FC Bayern focused. ”The 28-year-old wants to keep his contract with FC Bayern and will stay until the end of the season Sky Sports News UK Manchester City was probably changing Winter interested and was now disappointed.

According to the report, he would be mentioned by Alaba Barter in the summer around Leroy Sané they are gone, now City Alaba wants to lure widely to England. The Austrian is also very popular with the Citizens with the former Bayern coach Guardiola in the summer, as well as the English champions FC Liverpool should be interested. Furthermore, the The best clubs Inter, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus are considering the possibility of signing the free defender.

Bayern offered a transfer to David Alaba – “It was a slap in the face”

First report from 3 November:
Munich – After 13 years, a successful marriage will soon end: David Alaba and the FC Bayern apparently they are no longer found. On the contrary: they are publicly fighting the battle in the mud. FCB President Herbert Hainer left with BR the bomb went off – the association withdrew its contract offer. After Alaba the leadership of the FCB on Press conference he had already made serious accusations, now he was raising him.

In front of Sky Alaba revealed a detail of the negotiations – apparently FC Bayern offered him one Change for Manchester City to. “After the second or third conversation I got the call and was asked if I could imagine an exchange. Where then I say: it’s a slap in the face somewhere “, said the Austrian.

FC Bayern: Should Alaba be part of the Sané deal? “I thought about it”

At that time, the people of Munich really wanted Leroy Sané to commit. Alaba may have joined an exchange. Alaba canceled – and Sané came anyway. The 28-year-old complains of a lack of appreciation. “I have already renewed several times at FC Bayern and they actually started talking before a contract extension. It wasn’t like that now. It was relatively late, so I was already wondering, “he says.” Then came the first offer, where I started thinking about where the respect and recognition was.

FC Bayern: David Alaba addresses the fans directly

The defender’s words leave little hope for Bayern fans to stay. It will already be Alaba’s successor acted. He even addressed the fans directly and assured: “I can assure every single fan that the sums put into the room are not true.”

Furthermore, he was “disappointed and hurt” that the numbers were not proven wrong by the club. “I never asked,” he said. It is not clear how it will continue. Most likely, Alaba is looking for a new employer for the new season. But President Hainer also points out that the door is not closed yet. “If David wants to talk to us, we’re always ready. This is not a question at all. “(Epp)

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