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Fantom Blockchain Project collaborates with Fuiou Group, one of the leading payment providers in China


Fantom has collaborated with the Fuiou group, which is one of the main payment providers

With every financial solution that has hit the market, it tends to depend entirely on the pillars of credibility and trust to succeed. It's a concept Fantom fully understands and knows that blockchain technology to make a drastic change within the financial world, so it will have to be scalable along with security as existing solutions within the market; they are similar to MasterCard and VISA.

Having the revolutionary technology in the market is not enough, as we all know trusting everything starts with awareness.

Therefore, in order to have a massive adoption of the new technology market, we will need to ensure that we show to everyday users how the DAG-based intelligent contract platform that is designed with a scalable encryption option. will be able to change the life inside the market drastically.

More to offer the market through a partnership with the Fuiou group

Keeping all this in mind, the company has gone on to announce their recent collaboration with Fuiou Group, which has been considered among the leading payment providers on the market. The Fuiou Group It is headquartered in Shanghai and has about 18 branches and various commercial activities distributed in the 27 Chinese provinces.

The company was created as a third-party payment solution able to provide services to both private and business customers in offering solutions in the field of online payments, prepaid cards and some in-store payments. The company was able to make transactions on five million digital payments in one day and has over 300,000 business partners.

According to CEO of Fantom, firmly believes that the company is beyond the current blockchain technology and from this, it is able to transform different industries into the market. To have the support of Fuiou Group, a company that has been a leader in payment solutions, Fantom will have the opportunity to create some cryptographic payments in real time for untapped markets around the world.

With this partnership, together with the previous ones, the company will be able to realize the potential it has in the real world, in providing the vision of Fantom, which is the promise of having distributed ledger technologies.

Much to be expected from the partnership

The Fuiou Group will integrate the Fantom's scalable cryptographic payment technology in their current payment solutions. A system that has been able to manage over six million transactions per month, a solution that will allow customers worldwide to quickly pay for goods with their partner resellers.

This means that, for Fuiou users, they will be able to accept and even make cryptographic payments alongside the legal currency. With the partnership, both companies will be able to introduce cryptographic coins in daily transactions, thus establishing the framework for this payment option to be the norm over time.

Mr. Kang Jian Ming, who is the Fuiou Group founder That said, the group is proud to be the leader in the various payment solutions available and, from this, feels responsible for the evolution of current payment solutions.

The blockchain technology together with the different cryptographic coins have had a huge impact on payment options within the market, the only problem that exists is the lack of scalable, accessible and fast enough solutions to meet customer needs. But the use of Fantom revolutionary technology, will make it possible to use cryptographic coins in daily transactions, one that can be offered on a global scale.

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