Fans create a fun live-action version of the video game


Between us It was undoubtedly the most popular video game in recent months, becoming a real sensation among the video game community, to the point that we have witnessed all kinds of tributes and reinterpretations made by its fans, but few like this extraordinary version live who was encouraged to do a group of youtuber Germans.

The video was shared via the YouTube channel called Jay & Arya, and as we can see below it is a short film made with the highest quality standards. The scene focuses on one of the most representative and intense elements of the game: the meetings that take place to determine who is the impostor of the ship after someone finds a body.

Of course, there are other gameplay situations that fans will recognize as well, going from a funny tone to a dramatic one when the difficult decision to take out one of the members has to come.

The video stands out for its quality in each of the sections, such as the camera work, the performances and the way the narrative was developed, generating a huge impression among all the players of Between usand to think it wouldn’t hurt to see a movie based on the title in the future.

What do you think of this version live of the video game Between us?


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