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Famous Twitter trader: Stellar (XLM) is "essentially worthless" while Ripple's XRP is preparing for a big move

Peter Brandt announced that last year Bitcoin and the crypto price collapse before it happened. In his tweet of January 2018, he had warned traders about the imminent accident:

In his tweets yesterday, he gave a brief analysis of the price actions XLM and XRP, calling XLM "basically useless"

This chart is in contradiction with the price forecasts made by various groups of merchants and cryptographic entrepreneurs who are regularly published every month on finder.com. This report sees Stellar increase by 84% by February 1, a highly unlikely scenario from this perspective. The report should not be taken seriously because it lacks an adequate fundamental analysis and is more based on public opinion.

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When asked by another trader to give his opinion on the Ripple token, he tweeted this chart:

The holders of XRP, however, seem to have misunderstood Brandt as the term it used, the rewinding is related to the trading signal which is an indicator of volatility and not of bullish or bearish moves.

"The wrapping action does not provide for the future direction of price! Please take note of this fact and reread the previous sentence if it is necessary in order to permanently understand what coiling action does not attempt to report or portray The winding action is based on the volatility of a security and is in no way a precursor of the future price direction. "Source

As Investopedia explains, "technical analysts refer to triangular patterns on graphs as reels." In this chart, while the top and bottom sides of the triangle approach each other, the price pressure increases. As with the tectonic plates in the earth, eventually the pressure generated will seek a release.As soon as the pent-up energy increases, theoretically, the more massive the rupture will be.At a point, the prices will move outside. of the boundaries of the triangle The question is whether they will move higher or lower.

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This analysis reaches the news queue on Grayscale Investment which establishes a Stellar Lumens Trust.

The newly established Stellar Lumens Trust is expected to improve the overall coverage and adoption of XLM by exposing the asset to Grayscale's vast investor network. Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of Grayscale, explained that a strong demand for a good in the platform supported by the 6 currentlyth the most important cryptocurrency in the world has led to the creation of this fund. It has further expanded confirming its confidence in the usability of the real world of Stellar:

"I think the theory is solid: an American bank can keep large amounts of currencies in foreign banks and be able to bring those foreign currency balances to a balance sheet because the working capital is valuable. balances everywhere, this will improve efficiency and complete budgets for other uses ".

This addition should not go unnoticed by the Ripple / XRP audience. Ripple and XRP both have a similar product, a payment system supported by the blockchain network that is able to transfer value all over the world instantly and at low cost. XRP has already received its vote of confidence from Grayscale, as it has also seen an XRP-based trust opened on the platform. With this latest addition to an XLM-based fund, two of the world's most popular cross-border payment solutions in the world will have another battlefield on which to base their differences.

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