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Facebook begins its cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency values ​​have been increased to reduce from the historical high of December 2017 a reduction of over $ 14,000 per bitcoin in the last year according to CryptoCurrencyChart.com. Facebook remains to cling to the blockchain vision. Bloomberg sources claim that the company is emerging its first digital currency called "stablecoins", linked to the US dollar.

In recent years, Facebook has hired former president David Marcus of PayPal, and in May 2018 was chosen to lead the blockchain creativity of Facebook. In fact, according to the names of LinkedIn workers, the blockchain division of the corporation contains more than 50 people who are supposedly employed to bring out this technology to use WhatsApp's money transmissions. However, at the moment, the money is far from being hurled according to the company sources.

Recently it was even declared that the former head of the FB David Marcus, said that he was leaving the board of directors of Coinbase, the main startup of cryptocurrencies. Marcus was previously the president of PayPal and helped Facebook Messenger to accept exchanges of chatbot and p2p payments, so it was a usual choice for Facebook and Coinbase board blockin skunk labs.

Facebook has informed that CoinDesk has been to evade the arrival of a battle of interest, which is exactly what it was. Marcus offered a statement explaining TechCrunch that he was following "due to the new group I'm setting up on Facebook around blockchain", emphasizing that "Knowing Brian [Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase], who became a friend, and the whole team and board of directors of Coinbase was an immense privilege. I was deeply impressed by the talent and execution that the team has shown during my tenure, and I wish the team all the success it deserves to go on ".

Facebook can create a cryptographic wallet with its token that people can use to make payments with trades or that they learn through Facebook ads. Because the blockchain can make trading open or very cheap, FB and its cohorts could avoid credit card subscriptions. This would allow Facebook to offer customers more than 5% discount on purchases made with FaceCoin "or with the same elevation.The Blockchain team will therefore be below new platforms and managed by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mike Schroepfer, which will also take care of the AR, VR and Facebook Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

Delayed in a vast disagreement on the opening of data, Facebook has launched the main battle at the level of lower organization since its inception through many platforms, such as Messenger and WhatsApp. As from Recode, the company has made long-term decisions, Chris Cox, responsible for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, which is now known as the app family. Despite all the security and confidentiality concerns that affect the company, the numbers of Facebook users continue to increase slowly.

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