Expo offers Ethereum Haters Short ETH to the first completely untrustworthy margin trading platform


  Expo Lets Ethereum Haters Short ETH on the first trading platform with a completely unreliable margin

While the cryptocurrency market is maturing, a number of exchanges have started to offer cryptocurrency contracts. To marginalize trade on these platforms, users are forced to trust their cryptographic capital on centralized exchange portfolios. A new open source platform that uses the dYdX protocol, however, launched the first true method without trust to create short and leveraged positions for Ethereum .

The new platform, called Expo, offers the intent of traders on the elimination of Ethereum with a direct margin trading method. The Expo functions as a "Short Ethereum " marker, which is anchored to a short position on Ethereum . The Short token Ethereum is powered by the dYdX protocol, which in turn is based on the projects 0x and Ethereum .

Seamless Smart Contract with short positions

The dYdX platform, on which Expo was built, it recently launched a $ 2 million seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz and other leading angel investors, including Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

Ethereum tokens Short can be easily purchased via Metamask, with the final reverse mechanics of the protocol driving the token away from the trader. A recent press release issued by Expo states that the Expo token trading tokens will be listed on DEX as Radar Relay, with an additional number of exchanges to be added soon

Related: Cboe Global Markets Ethereum Futures launch suggestions [19659020] Liquidity in the Expo ecosystem is provided by dYdX loan partners, who earn interest by blocking collateral in the smart contracts that provide support for ETH loans. The Expo platform also automatically provides guarantees from decentralized exchanges.

In addition to offering Short checkers Ethereum Expo plans to launch a number of other margin trading tokens, including levered tokens that multiply profits when prices rise. Each marginal token issued by Expo is available for 28 days and each underlying asset is associated with a token that expires on the 15th and 30th of each month.

The founder of Expo wants to simplify margin trading

The Expo Short The token Ethereum is notable for the way it allows traders to access margin trading in the form of a simple ERC20 token – without registration processes, commissions, KYC requirements or the risk associated with centralized exchange trading.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, the founder of dYdX Antonio Juliano outlined the future of the Expo platform, stating that cryptographic derivatives are mostly traded by "sophisticated dealers", a fact that the dYdX team plan to change to options or offer swaps:

"We think of more than just shorting your favorite sh * tcoin, we think of them as mature financial products."

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