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Explosion of cars at the police school in Bogota. There are dead

Ua major explosion inside the General Santander Police School in Bogota, Colombia, was recorded this Thursday at 9:30 am (2:30 am in Lisbon). The accident resulted in at least eight deaths and 41 wounded.

Authorities do not exclude the possibility of a terrorist attack on a car bomb.

The first versions quoted by the local newspaper El Tiempo tell that a man got into the car at the entrance to the school when he was arrested by the security inspectors, but in the end he accelerated and crashed into a wall.

The police said the driver was dead.

The testimonies, as well as the images transmitted on social networks and on various media, show the remains of a completely burned vehicle.

The injured were transported to the hospital and until that moment they are unaware of the state of health they are in.

The car exploded inside the premises of the police school where the agents of the national police were trained, south of Bogota. However, a survey on the details of the accident was opened.

The attack has not yet been confirmed, but National Liberation Army rebels have launched attacks on police targets in Colombia in recent months amid a political impasse that has opposed them to the conservative president Ivan Duque. The head of state has already resorted to Twitter to classify the attack as "terrorist".

"I will return immediately to Bogota with the military summit before the miserable terrorist act committed in the Santander general school against our police," he wrote.

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