Expect coin exchanges and cryptography guidelines by early 2019

  NASDAQ Privileged Information Source: Expect Coin Exchange and Crypto Listing Guidance by early 2019

The alleged source of insider NASDAQ states that different holdings of coins will take place in 2019 in Q1 or Q2

that NASDAQ is trying to be the first major engine in the entry of the crypt exchange into the institutional space. Because institutional investors are interested in entering the cryptography market, NASDAQ is interested in helping them or at least that way it seems. Now, as the company sinks its toes in the cryptic waters, it's starting to look like there's a chance the company can go all in.

Our information is that NASDAQ may be interested in listing some tokens in its exchange.

Bitcoin and Ethereum must be listed on NASDAQ?

While the details remain somewhat blurry and spotty at best, sources inside the NASDAQ have claimed that Bitcoin and Ethereum have the ability to be listed on NASDAQ. At the start of this year, on June 21st, we examined the Nasdaq DX Exchange, already hitting 500,000 users during the pre-launch. Now, it seems that more is spreading to the public – here is the direct quote in which they said they had received from their secret source of privileged information – note: we have not validated or traced the source of this information:

"The conversation on the list of coins has focused on how they will be classified from the regulatory point of view.As you can imagine, our leadership is closely linked to the rumbling of the SEC and the CFTC around the criptos and what is expected in the next 3-6 Even with the longest expected time, some guidance will be provided and I expect that we will act quickly.The framework (two different sets of frameworks based on two different regulatory results) has already been designed to create a separate silo for the lists of coins and a robust trading apparatus.Accounting here, look for regulators to provide guidance in Q1 of 2019 and an announcement and a "currency exchange" and "to be announced or launched in the second quarter of 2019."

The source cited by the news site states that there is a conversation about the list of coins and how they will be classified from a point of view regulatory.

Because SEC and CFTC have ties to NASDAQ's leadership, it is not difficult to imagine that they may have an idea of ​​what is going on happening in the following months. According to this source, the company "will act quickly" and already has plans on how to deal with the market if two different regulatory frameworks occur.

It seems that the company can list the tokens or at least officially announce that I will do it by the beginning of 2019 and the launch will probably take place until the middle of the year.

NASDAQ And The Future of Cryptos

This is not necessarily a surprise. NASDAQ has connections to the Gemini exchange and has already shown some interest in the cryptocurrency market, as currently many big players in the financial sector are doing. They also won a blockchain-based patent data matching system in the last year.

There is some speculation that the relationship between the two companies could be used to list both Ethereum and Bitcoin (and maybe even some other token after them) on the exchange.

Gemini sources said the NASDAQ leadership is already prepared to find solutions to list tokens on the company. In fact, not just ETFs or futures, but the actual tokens listed on the NASDAQ. Although this decision is not yet 100% decided, there seems to be a great chance to see the company enter the encrypted field in 2019.

Another source of Gemini has stated that NASDAQ and Gemini are very close to Comfortable with others and Gemini will double the staff at the end of the year, which the source says they have to do with the NASDAQ partnership.

There is a fierce competition between the major financial companies such as Intercontinental (ICE), CME, CBOE and everyone wants the cryptographic market, so the whole theory actually makes a lot of sense.

According to these internal sources, it is very likely that we will see the NASDAQ launch Ethereum and Bitcoin next year. Can we trust them? Follow our blog for developments on this story. In May, we announced that the DX Cryptocurrency Powered by NASDAQ exchange would be launched in June, so we'll see if the start of 2019 will bring fireworks while the adoption of mainstream cryptocurrencies continues its trend on the upside.

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