Exclusive video | Another final TV tour? “Let’s stop thinking about the World Cup, let’s stop dreaming”


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It doesn’t matter which urn we are in, Narcis Răducan does not think that the national team will be able to qualify world Championship, a final tournament they will only reach 13 teams in Europe, unlike 24, how many are a EURO 2020.

Narcis Răducan: “We don’t think about the World Cup, we have few chances”

Former leader of Unirea Urziceni, FCSB or Galati steel is of the opinion that Mirel Rădoi, if he stays in the national team, he should just build a strong team, based mainly on young players, to fight for the next final tournament – EURO 2024.

“We are looking, a lot has changed, it is very difficult, there are fluctuations in results, form, attitude. New players appear, it is very difficult to say that this is our team after a match. For now it will take a few more months.

I know we are in a time crisis, but I say what the reality is. We have few options. If, however, Rădoi does not sign (no – with the University of Craiova), I would be of the opinion not to think about the World Cup, because we have little chance of qualifying. I was joking saying I have bad luck in the draw, not making dreams come true. Then also make a good national team for the next qualifiers.

That’s how he finds us only on the roads, we are never ready to qualify. It is this young generation that has potential. Didn’t you like the man now, Tanase? I say that you can bet more on these young people and on a skeleton with experienced players. We have to create something, a game based on our qualities. He’s playing this offensive part. We should give it credit, but be more on the defensive. Any coach who scores 3 goals can’t sleep peacefully, but, in principle, this offensive momentum is good. “, said Răducan, during the Liga Digi Sport show.

  • 1998 it is the year in which Romania last participated in a world championship

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