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Exchange says that 51% of attackers returned $ 100,000 worth of Ethereum Classic

The exchange of cryptocurrency Gate.io said Saturday that $ 100,000 in classic ethereum were returned following a recent attack.

In a ad, the exchange also claimed to have tried to contact the 51% attacker, but so far did not receive any response, adding:

"We still do not know why: if the attacker did not do it for profit, he could be a white hacker who wanted to remind people of the risks involved in blockchain consent and food security. hashing ".

The exchange warned that the hashing power of the ETC network "is not yet strong enough" and that another 51% attack is still possible. At press time, ETC is trading at $ 4.34, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Last week, Gate.io confirmed that it lost about 40,000 ETCs (worth almost $ 200,000 at the time) in a 51% attack: an incident in which more than 50% of the computing power of a blockchain is aggregated and controlled by an & # 39; organization to modify the transaction of the history network and to duplicate cryptocurrencies.

The exchange at the time identified three addresses that he said were related to the attacker in question. In his Saturday post, the exchange said it launched a "51% detection for advanced protection".

Last week, another crypt of Bitrue exchange also confirmed the 51% attack, according to its official Twitter account, claiming that 13,000 ETCs have been lost.

The Chinese security company SlowMist first detected the 51 percent attack and detailed the event in a blog post last week and said it was willing to partner with Gate.io, Bitrue and Binance to identify the 51 percent assailant.

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