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What is Exarpy?


The Exarpy portfolio was developed specifically for Ripple owners (XRP). The portfolio is popular for the incredibly fast, reliable and secure online storage option for XRP.

Exarpy is currently only a platform that allows Ripple transactions to be conducted from an independent digital portfolio. Unlike conventional banks, this platform does not contain user funds. Instead, it acts only as a bridge between the user and Ripple's global network through an interactive interface.

Furthermore, Exarpy does not store user information when registering, as the platform has a database. Furthermore, the platform does not monitor its customers through back-end analysis tools such as Google Analytics. By opting not to keep these records, they reduce the risk of being exposed to cyber attacks.

Although it does not have a database, Exarpy presents a transaction history when the user accesses their account. This information is taken from the Ripple blockchain log that records all XRP transactions worldwide.

Exarpy XRP Ripple Crypto Wallet Features

Ease of access

The Exarpy digital wallet is accessible anywhere, regardless of location, with the only requirements of a web browser and a stable Internet connection.

Safety and reliability

Exarpy does not disclose important user information to other third parties because it does not have a database. Transaction records are provided directly by the Ripple blockchain when the user accesses his or her portfolio. Records are stored only temporarily without being stored.

Exarpy implements SSL encryption to transfer data between the user's browser and the platform's API.

Full control of the fund

To access a portfolio, a user must have a unique address and a private key. Exarpy does not store any of them, giving full control over their accounts. While this significantly reduces the risk of losing confidential data for malicious attacks, it also implies that data can not be recovered in the event of a loss.

Therefore, the company advises users to uninstall browser plug-ins that might spy on the computer, as well as avoid writing login credentials.


Exarpy applies a flat fee of 0.0025 XRP per transaction, regardless of the amount sent. These fees include the transaction fees of the Ripple network.

Irreversible transactions

Transactions made to and from the wallet can not be canceled, so users must check and double check the addresses of Ripple recipients each time before sending funds. If the money is sent to the wrong address, the only way to get the refund is to make a request and hope that the recipient is cooperative enough to send them back.

Registration process of Exarpy Wallet



Anyone who can register and use the wallet, and after completing the simple steps described below, you can also have a Ripple wallet in seconds.

Step 1: Log in to exarpy.com

Step 2: Click on "Create your first wallet"

You will be sent to a page that has the following message: "To continue, disconnect this device * from the Internet, Wi-Fi and, if applicable, from your cellular network."

Step 3: Disconnect Internet and WiFi to protect your PIN against external threats.

After logging out, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you will have to "Choose your PIN".

Step 4: Select 16 numbers and save them in a safe place, as they will later be required to access your wallet. You will also receive a PIN and a secret key.

Step 5: Login using the verification code and PIN.

As with all portfolios that support Ripple, a minimum of 20 XRPs are required by the Ripple network to activate a new portfolio; sending less than 20 XRP will be rebounded.


The Exarpy wallet is a popular choice for XRP owners and has a good reputation so far, being praised for being a quick and safe storage option for Ripple coins.

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