Euronews: Trump blocks transition and Republicans support it: “He has the right to do it” – International


It will be a transition, but not a peaceful one. Donald Trump is moving forward: the incumbent US president does not intend to concede victory to Joe Biden and has so far refused to authorize the bureaucratic steps necessary to start the transition process, Euronews reported to Rador.

Trump has not made a public statement and, as usual, has expressed his thoughts on Twitter, claiming he can still win in Wisconsin and Georgia. US Justice Minister William Barr announced that he will launch an investigation into “relevant allegations” of election fraud. A move that prompted the Department of Justice’s chief prosecutor for electoral crimes, Richard Pilger, to step down in protest.

Pilger sent an email to his colleagues stating that the Attorney General is undertaking “a major new initiative that erases 40 years of non-interference policies with investigations into alleged electoral fraud in the previous period of confirmation of votes by each state” . , for this reason, he decided to resign.

Trump can count on the support of the leaders of the Republican Party, including that of Mitch McConnell, the majority leader in the Senate. “In the United States, all legal votes must be counted, while illegal votes must not be,” McConnell said, echoing Trump’s remarks in his speech after the polls closed. “President Trump has every right to look into allegations of wrongdoing and evaluate his legal options.”

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden has begun assembling a panel of experts to manage the pandemic as soon as he takes office in January. “These elections are over, it’s time to put aside partisanship and rhetoric aimed at demonizing the opponent. It’s time to put an end to the politicization of fundamental public health behaviors, such as wearing a mask and following the rules of social distance”, Biden said.

There is still time until December 8 to resolve disputes. The term is valid for the counting of votes in each state, for judicial proceedings and for any appeal to the Supreme Court.


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