Euphoria Season 2 Release Date | Cast HBO, Sky and NOW TV, trailer

HBO’s edgy drama Euphoria will return to our screens for another series of sex, drugs, and teenage angst, though due to the coronavirus, we’re unlikely to see it until next year.

Luckily for us, however, the Euphoria team filmed two bridge episodes under the guidance of COVID-19 which will hit our screens next month!

Zendaya, who plays Rue, a recovering drug addict, recently teased the upcoming episodes on Twitter, posting promotional images for the two specials.

He hinted at the possibility of HBO releasing two bridge episodes in August, telling talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, “We might end up doing a little bridge episode. An episode that we can do with a limited number of people in a safer environment that can give people something – because we also miss Euphoria as the people who create it – and give everyone who loves the show a little something so that have something to live on until we are able to enter the second season “

Here’s everything you need to know about Euphoria season 2 and upcoming bridge episodes.

How can I watch Euphoria Bridge episodes?

Two special “bridge” episodes will air before the full second season, with the first holiday episode airing Sunday 6th December on HBO.

The second bridge episode is currently scheduled to air the following Sunday, December 13th

Meanwhile, for UK viewers, Sky has confirmed that the first episode will arrive Sky Atlantic is NOW TV above Monday 7 December, with the second episode likely to follow the following week.

Written by series creator Sam Levinson, both specials were shot under COVID-19 guidelines during the pandemic.

The synopsis reads: “After being dropped off by Jules at the train station and relapsed, the first special episode follows Rue as she celebrates Christmas.”

The news was announced by Zendaya, who posted a close-up image of Jules (played by Hunter Schafer), in whose eye we can see a reflection of Zendaya’s character Rue.

“We really missed them. Two special episodes of Euphoria coming soon. The first on December 6 on @hbo “, reads the caption.

In a November Twitter post, Zendaya shared a promotional image for the upcoming episodes, subtitled: “THIS IS NOT SEASON 2”

When is Euphoria Season 2 on TV?

It was previously confirmed that the highly anticipated second season would begin filming in March and, according to HBO’s 2020 preview, would air this year. However, production was stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where can I watch Euphoria season 2?

Euphoria’s American home is HBO. The first season arrived in the UK on Sky Atlantic on August 6, 2019, and was available on NOW TV and Sky Q shortly thereafter. Season 2 isn’t available on either season yet, but will likely be released on the same platforms.

What is Euphoria about?

Euphoria is for Gen-Z what Skins was for Millennials. Both controversial and both centered around a group of high schoolers pushing social boundaries. The series is HBO’s highest-rated show for younger audiences, so clearly the punchy drama resonates.

Creator / director Sam Levinson and producer Drake brought HBO a teenage angst drama based on the Israeli miniseries of the same name. The dark story follows a group of teenagers as they cope with heartbreak, addiction, and anger.

On the first day of school, Rue is thrilled with her new friend Jules, but struggles to leave the past behind and gets into trouble from Fezco.  Nate becomes obsessed with Maddy's connection, Tyler, as he tries to get back together with her.  Kat discovers that a video of her has surfaced online.  McKay takes college stress on Cassie.

The show featured a number of controversial scenes, with its use of nudity described by The Guardian as “unnecessarily free,” but HBO programming president Casey Bloys defended the scenes, which he said were based on the experiences of the creator of Euphoria. Sam Levinson. “It may seem like a limitation, and the idea of ​​putting them on TV might be, but some have experienced them,” Bloys told the Hollywood Reporter, adding, “We’re not trying to get a Gossip Girl out.”

What will happen in Euphoria season 2?

The first season ended on an ambiguous note, leaving fans unsure whether Rue (Zendaya) died from an overdose.

There are also many story arcs that we can expect to follow in the new season: the sexuality of Nate (Jacob Elordi), the relationship of Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and McKay (Algee Smith), Gia’s rising rebellion (Storm Reid), Kat (Barbie Ferreira) and Ethan’s (Austin Abrams) future together and whether Kat is still working as a camgirl, and what happened to Jules (Hunter Schafer) after Rue left her on the train.

Gia actress Storm Reid joked that her “character should develop and become his” – suggesting that Gia might have her own standalone episode.

Who will be in the cast of the second season of Euphoria?

Despite the thrilling cliffhanger of the season one finale, Zendaya appears to have confirmed her character Rue will be returning for a second installment.

As there is still a lot to explore and untangle from the characters’ stories in Season 1, we can expect to see more from these familiar faces.

There will also be new faces. According to Collider, Kelvin Harrison Jr is currently in talks to join the cast of the second season of Euphoria. Harrison is known for indie roles such as Luce and Waves, who also played Euphoria’s Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie).

Is there a trailer for the second season of Euphoria?

No official trailer, but we will keep this page updated.

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